Digital transformation to shape I&E for future wellness

Big data from wearables can inform a new generation of wellness and lifestyle applications. This programme trains future entrepreneurs to develop commercially successful innovation with real health benefits.


SHAPE I&E spotlights the breadth of technical possibilities for wellness and lifestyle applications, with a focus on the translation of the latest scientific knowledge about sports, ergonomics and big data from wearable devices and sensors. The course looks at how to take advantage of big data on motion and posture. The course will consider how to translate physical data from citizens – including the elderly, children and professional athletes – into solutions for healthy living for all. Using this knowledge, participants can boost public health initiatives and wellness innovations to new levels. Innovations for keeping the mind fit, through sports and other practices (meditation, active learning), will also be considered during the course. Graduates of the programme will be the innovators and entrepreneurs of the future, enabled to create bridges between human science, technology and health.

Peta Sjölander
| Activity Lead | KTH