Stimulate Health Academics and Professionals in Entrepreneurial activity

SHAPE is a programme especially designed for students who want to enrich their Master’s degree with knowledge about entrepreneurship and innovation in the medical-technical domain.

SHAPE offers an extracurricular programme, where students learn the basics of entrepreneurship and gain hands-on experience at it in entrepreneurship courses and a business development lab. Students then apply the knowledge and skills they have gained through SHAPE in their final thesis for their regular Master’s degree.

About this activity

SHAPE is an extracurricular programme developed for students who are working on a Master’s in the field of engineering medical devices and are interested, but not yet active, in Medtech-based Entrepreneurship. SHAPE will train students to gain entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to explore new technology-based business opportunities in the health care sector.

The programme combines a set of courses and an additional entrepreneurial element to the final thesis of the main graduation project.

These courses total 20 ECTS in the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System:

  • Basics of entrepreneurship (5ECTS)
  • Business Development Lab (5ECTS)
  • Electives on innovation and entrepreneurship (5ECTS)
  • Additional element to the final thesis on entrepreneurial opportunities (5ECTS)

This programme considers a range of entrepreneurship, from starting a small business to establishing entrepreneurial projects within existing business environments and hospitals. Through interaction with a network of network of healthcare professionals and users, students are encouraged to work on real-life cases.

Upon completion of the SHAPE programme, students will receive a Certificate of Medtech-based Entrepreneurship along with their MSc degree.

Dr. Victor Scholten
| Director of Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship | TU Delft