Setting up a healthy business in healthcare: The Health Entrepreneurship Summer School

For healthcare innovations to break into the market, they must be convincing to a variety of experts in different domains. This course helps innovators involve the complex healthcare landscape in their work.


In the Health Entrepreneurship Summer School, participants are given challenges from healthcare providers. The students take these challenges through a robust development process of analysis, ideation and financing. This helps them create targeted solutions that meet the needs of domain experts and stakeholders: doctors, nurses, patients, researchers, hospital managers, policy makers and others.

Participants are submerged in interactive sessions covering the variety of healthcare perspectives. Their development process is guided by experts from healthcare, insurance, banking and business development, as well as entrepreneurs. At the end of the programme, participants are expected to have a minimum viable proposition that they can develop further in other EIT Health programmes, with the hope of eventually launching a healthcare start-up.

Dr. Victor Scholten
| Director of Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship | TU Delft