Understanding patients' perspectives on medicines use for better healthcare

Inappropriate use of medicines harms patients’ health and increases costs. This course shows how to involve the patient perspective to develop services towards better use of medicines.


The UpMe project will develop and deliver an innovative online course targeting healthcare professionals and health policy makers seeking to address the challenges of appropriate medicine use. The UpMe course will help learners incorporate the perspective of patients in their professional practice.

When healthcare professionals engage with caregivers and patients, they can base their practice on the patient perspective. The result is a better relationship between patients and healthcare professionals, more appropriate medicine use, improved patient outcomes, and reduced healthcare costs.

Join courses, starting 28 September 2020

UpMe offers two learning options:


Option 1: The fundamentals of the patient perspective on medicines use.

This is a four-week online course starting 28 September 2020.

Registration begins 14 September 2020. Click here to register.


Option 2: The fundamentals of the use of interview methods to explore patients’ perspectives on medicines use

This is an eight week course starting 28 September 2020 and including:

  • 4 weeks online course starting 28 September 2020;
  • 4 weeks advanced online course starting 26 October 2020;
  • 3-day webinar being held 23, 25 and 27 November 2020.

Registration is open until 21 September 2020. Register by sending an e-mail, with the words “Patient perspectives online course” in the subject line. Be sure to include your name in the message. Address the e-mail to: johanne.moelby.hansen@sund.ku.dk

Ramune Jacobsen
| | University of Copenhagen