Virtual Reality and Vaccination


This programme gives you a virtual reality experience that helps you understand the social benefits of “herd immunity”, so you can make informed decisions about vaccinations for COVID 19.

The programme tackles vaccine hesitancy, which the World Health Organization has called one of the biggest threats to global health. Research shows that better understanding of herd immunity boosts vaccination intentions.

You will develop greater understanding of the need for vaccination and assist in research to improve vaccination rates.

The programme will be supplemented by an in-person study at the University of Copenhagen and at a public event in Copenhagen. There are plans to address vaccines for other diseases beyond COVID 19.


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You will participate in a virtual reality experience that lasts 20 minutes. Instead of just being told about social benefits of vaccinations, you will play a role in virtual reality scenarios, including a visit to the doctor’s office or an attempt to cross a busy square without being infected.

This immersive approach is designed to increase your appreciation and understanding of the epidemiological patterns related to herd immunity.

One week after the experience, you will be asked to answer some survey questions.

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Who should participate

Anyone over 18 who has not already been vaccinated against COVID-19 is eligible to participate in the programme. Online participation requires a virtual reality headset.

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