EIT Regional Executive Academy




Explore the potential of collaboration between the EIT Community, authorities and stakeholders in the health, manufacturing, food, and energy industries.

The EIT Regional Executive Academy 2021, a cross-KIC initiative organised by EIT Health, will provide you with an overview of the mission of EIT, the EIT Community in Hungary and beyond.

The first day of the event will comprise of exchanges by invited speakers on EIT and EIT KICs mission and Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) in Hungary. The second day will focus on national, transnational, and EU funding opportunities for collaboration within the priorities of S3 in Hungary, followed by a roundtable discussion of EIT stakeholders revolving around the topic “Innovation through cooperation”.

You will gain an insight into the best practices on how to create and implement regional and EU projects in business, research, and education within the S3.

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