Sport as a treatment in chronic diseases

Developed with the understanding that people are more likely to undertake the exercise they need if they can do so in an enjoyable group setting, Sport4Health brings together partners – like Viseo, SENS Laboratory, Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, IESE Business School, PAU Education, CHU Grenoble and others – to provide an app that encourages patients to participate in sports associations.

EIT Sport for Health

When connected to the app, the patient has access to his/her sport prescription and can subscribe to dedicated sport sessions. The app also drives the patient to complete some measurements and fill in online questionnaires. The patient can also get some feedback on his/her activities from the app. The physician will be able to incorporate a patient in the clinical trial and, afterwards, follow his/her physical activities. On their side, the sports associations will fill out the calendar with proposed sessions for the various patient groups.

Sport4Health is a clinical trial that aims at evaluating the capacity and the pertinence of actors coming from different worlds in working together. We are focused on addressing sleep apnea and obesity for the first cohorts, and we will make a try at cancer patients for the last one. We provide three app/websites depending on the user.‘

Thibault Parmentier, project founder

Domoina Rabarijaona
| Transfert & Valorization Manager | VISEO