16 March 2022

EIT Health Appeals Procedure

Applicants to EIT Health Business Plans may appeal the process for the selection of their own proposal(s).

Consortium of running EIT Health activities may appeal the process for the results of yearly monitoring (Mid-term Reviews).

Applicants to EIT Health job vacancies, Call for Supervisory Board members or for Experts, or EIT Health procurement offers, may appeal the process of their own application.

The only grounds for appeal are:
  • Process errors
  • Technical problems beyond the control of applicants (e.g. the technical failure of the electronic submission system)
  • Human/technical errors made by EIT Health staff
  • If you consider that you have been adversely affected by a particular decision not following EIT Health’s Code of Conduct
What does NOT constitute grounds for an appeal:
  •  Scores awarded in the course of the proposal evaluation process (unless if these go against our Code of Conduct)
Appeal process:
  • Applicants should send their appeals in writing to appeals@eithealth.eu as soon as they identify
    an error, but no later than 21 days after the error occurred
  • EIT Health assesses the claim and delivers a first response
  • If there are grounds for appeal, EIT Health will attempt to remedy the consequences (e.g. if a technical error of EIT Health prevented the submission of a proposal or application, a late submission may still be accepted as eligible)
  • The Head of Compliance, and where applicable, Supervisory Board is notified about the matter if:
    • the applicant does not accept a rejection of the appeal, or
    • there are grounds for appeal, but the problem cannot be remedied any
      more without disrupting the process