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Together for healthy lives in Europe - Annual Report 2021

Throughout 2021, we maximised on opportunities to transform healthcare for healthier citizens and a re-energised economy, at a time when it was needed most. Read our annual report to learn more about our work accelerating new solutions to improve healthcare across Europe.

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Annual Report 2020

In this report, we outline the extent of the work EIT Health has done in response to the impact caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Bringing together stakeholders from research, industry, academia, and healthcare delivery, has never been more important. EIT Health acts as a bridge between traditionally siloed worlds and provides an ecosystem where we can work more strongly towards common goals.

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Our drive for healthier lives in 2020 and beyond

Our Business Plan for 2020 puts forward our plans to protect and improve the lives of EU citizens whilst continuing to deliver against our six core focus areas.

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European Healthcare – maximising opportunities for transformation in 2019

In this report, we outline the extent of the work EIT Health does and the contribution we have made to solving society’s biggest healthcare challenges in 2019. We proudly share some of our greatest achievements to demonstrate our role in healthcare transformation and look to the future as we continue to strive to meet our goals.

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Three Years of Life-Changing Healthcare Innovation Across Europe

Published in September 2019, this report gives an overview of EIT Health’s first three years of operation, from our earliest beginnings through to the impressive consortium of the world’s leading players in healthcare that we see today. Click the image below to read the interactive report.

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