About Us

EIT Health was established in 2015, as a ‘knowledge and innovation community’ (KIC) of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). The EIT is made up of various KICs who each focus on a different sector, or area, of innovation – in our case, that is health and aging. The idea behind the EIT KICs is that innovation flourishes best when the right people are brought together to share expertise. The so called ‘knowledge triangle’, is the principle that when experts from business, research and education work together as one, an optimal environment for innovation is created.


Find out more: Read about our strategic agenda for the period of 2021-2027 and Business Plan for 2023-2025.


Our Network

Putting the theory of the ‘knowledge triangle’ into action requires a collaborative approach. So, we work across borders with approximately 120 EIT Health Partner organisations and thousands of start-ups and entrepreneurs, bringing together the brightest minds in healthcare to answer some of the biggest health challenges Europe faces.

Through this unique collaborative approach, we are empowering a network of innovators to overcome barriers, challenge convention and take action to put innovative products and services into the hands of those that need them the most.

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Our People

We are a dynamic and diverse team of people who collectively share and realise the EIT Health mission of improving lives in Europe through innovation. We are headquartered in Munich, Germany, with a pan-EU representation via seven Co-Location Centres and InnoStars.


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Governance and Boards of EIT Health

Management Board

Our employees are led by our Management Board who lead the day-to-day operations of EIT Health, representing all teams in our organisation and across Europe. It comprises key management roles including the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Growth Officer, Chief Partnership Management Officer, Chief IT and Platform Development Officer, Chief Finance Officer and Director of Corporate Affairs.

Supervisory Board

Our Management Team is appointed by the Supervisory Board, who supervise the work of the Management Team and makes strategic decisions that guide our organisation.

Advisory Boards

To ensure we are complying with relevant laws and codes of conduct, we also work with a number of Advisory Boards including:

  • The Ethical, Legal and Societal Issues (ELSI) board who provide guidance on ethical, legal and societal matters.

  • The Intellectual Property (IP) board who provide guidance on intellectual property matters.
  • Partner Assembly

    The Partner Assembly is made up of core partners and associate partners that have been accepted following our thorough application process, it is the highest decision-making body in our organisation. The Assembly is responsible for choosing the Supervisory Board.

    Learn about the by-laws and articles of association that govern EIT Health.

    How We’re Funded

    EIT Health is a non-profit organisation – we are funded by the European Union, our partners, and other contributors. EIT Health also conducts some commercial activities in order to support the long-term sustainability of the organisation, for example by charging fees for some of its services. Any income earned by EIT Health as a result of commercial activity is re-invested into the organisation to support our work. Our funds go towards helping develop new and innovative products and services, support start-ups and entrepreneurs to build companies, educate people about health and innovation, and support our operating costs.

    Where Our Funds Come From

    From the European Union, through the EIT
    Being under the umbrella of the EIT, EIT Health receives funding from the European Union’s budget. Funding is awarded to us under the Horizon 2020 framework, which is a European Union grant for research and innovation with the aim of finding more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market.

    Contributions from members
    The Partners of EIT Health contribute fixed annual partnership fee in exchange for fixed engagement within the organisation.

    Funding from regional or national grants 
    Additionally, we receive contributions from regional organisations who have a vested interest in supporting health innovation such as local government including the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy.

    How Our Partnership Operates

    Our network is made up of Partners, entrepreneurs and start-ups, to name just a few. Our Partners are an integral part of our organisation, and they work directly alongside us to deliver of our mission. Our Partners represent the different sides of the knowledge triangle and contribute to our organisation in many ways, including delivering the projects and programmes that lead to health innovation, and making decisions about the way that our organisation operates. As a result, partnership is at the very heart of our organisation.
    Once selected, Partners are called upon each year to propose how they can help EIT Health to deliver on our strategic objectives, a process called The EIT Health Business Plan. Within this process EIT Health sets out its strategic agenda and Partners respond with suggested activity to deliver on the strategy. If accepted, Partners will receive support and funding from EIT Health to implement the activity.

    Leaving EIT Health requires a written declaration of the Core or Associate Partner to the Management Team. Leaving is only admissible with a notice period of three months to the end of each calendar year. A member may terminate its membership with immediate effect within one month after receipt of a decision of any of the Association’s bodies by which rights of the member are significantly reduced, the annual membership fee is increased or any other obligation is materially increased.

    How Are Partners Selected?

    Partners are selected by the EIT Health Supervisory Board and Management Team following an application process. Prospective Partners can apply by contacting their regional EIT Health innovation hub. There are three types of Partners at EIT Health – Core partners, Associate Partners and external project Partners. Each Partner type has its own selection criteria, rights and responsibilities within the organisation:

    - Core Partners

    When applying to become a Core Partner of EIT Health, applicants must demonstrate that they have the capability and capacity to contribute strongly towards EIT Health’s strategic objectives and that they add a complementary representation of the knowledge triangle within our overall Partner mix. Core Partners, once selected, pay an annual membership fee of €75,000. In turn, Core Partners can propose activity in response to the EIT Health business plan and there is no limit to the funding they can request to support such activity. They also gain voting rights on matters of operational importance within our Partner assembly, and each Partner has one vote.

    - Associate Partners

    When applying to become an Associate Partner of EIT Health, applicants must also demonstrate that they have the capability and capacity to contribute strongly towards EIT Health’s strategic objectives, and that they add a complementary representation of the knowledge triangle within our overall Partner mix. Associate Partners, once selected, pay an annual fee of €30,000. In turn, Associate Partners can propose activity in response to the EIT Health business plan, and can request up to €350,000 in funding to support such activity. They can also elect a ‘delegate’ for their regional EIT Health innovation hub to vote within our Partner assembly.

    - External Project Partners

    Core and Associate Partners may choose to work with external project Partners to deliver on activity that is accepted for funding within the EIT Health business plan. Organisations that wish to participate in projects without obtaining formal membership, can do so alongside Core and Associate Partners.

    Become a Partner

    If you are interested in becoming an EIT Health Partner, please contact your regional EIT Health innovation hub, or visit Our Partners page and complete the online form.