Ukraine appeal: The next phase of EIT Community support

EIT Health stands firmly with Ukraine, its people, and all those supporting them during this unparalleled crisis. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, almost 15 million Ukrainians [1] have crossed the border and sought help in European countries, mainly in Poland. Russia’s invasion caused a health crisis in Ukraine, with a desperate need for medical supplies and vaccines against tetanus infections, which started to spread among injured soldiers and wounded civilians.

Thanks to close collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, a partnership with the Polish Medical Mission, and help from many other institutions, EIT Health has been able to deliver medical help to those in need. Learn about the impact of the first phase of our Ukraine appeal below.

Now we are entering the second phase of our Ukraine appeal, focused on extending opportunities to Ukrainian entrepreneurs within the innovation ecosystem so they can progress their important work. Ukraine’s economy has been severely damaged. The World Bank predicts that the Ukrainian GDP will decrease by 45% this year.[2] The armed conflict has significantly affected the education, business and research activities of millions. The EIT Community is evolving our programme offering to help.


[1]Statista  (2022). Border crossings from and to Ukraine 2022, Statista. Available at:
[2] World Bank Group (2022). Social protection for recovery. Europe and Central Asia Economic Update, Office of the Chief Economist.

Impact to date

In phase one of our Ukraine appeal, from February to August, we facilitated medical equipment donations and targeted financial contributions to the Polish Medical Mission. We raised money to support a tetanus vaccination programme, helping to deliver over 15,000 doses. We have also helped provide Ukraine with over:

  • 500,000 vital pieces of equipment like breathing apparatus, mobile X-Ray units and volumetric pumps
  • 250,000 dressings
  • 131,000 antiseptic kits
  • 10,000 first aid kits and tourniquets
  • 500 diabetic kits and glucomonitors

Supporting innovation

For the second phased of our Ukraine Appeal, EIT Health is working to extend opportunities to Ukrainian citizens and organisations. Our aim is to support current and future innovators and entrepreneurs, who will play a vital role in helping rebuild Ukraine’s economy. The EIT Community is readying itself to spread the support we already give Ukrainian refugees to a post-conflict Ukraine. That includes our education, training, and start-up support programmes.

Opportunities available

Currently selected EIT Community opportunities are open to Ukrainian citizens and organisations, to name a few:

  • EIT’s HEI Initiative: Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education which provides opportunities in education, research, and entrepreneurship across Europe. To date, 12 HEIs from Ukraine, including Lviv Polytechnic National University, Kyiv Academic University, and Ternopil Ivan Puluj National Technical University, have already joined the initiative, and their number is growing.
  • Pre-accelerator in Ukraine – powered by EIT Jumpstarter helps Ukrainian innovators to turn their ideas into reality. The high-potential early-stage teams from different market fields (not only healthcare) will receive online training, expert mentoring, subgranting, monetary prizes and access to the EIT Communities network.
  • InnoStars Awards, an acceleration programme which helps transform prototypes and MVPs into health solutions or products and bring them to the market.
  • Attract to Invest, a programme which prepares companies for successful investment rounds. Companies which are established legal entities in RIS EU Member States and Horizon Europe Associated countries are eligible.
  • Bridgehead, a programme which helps businesses grow beyond their home market. Companies must be registered in Europe to be eligible.
  • ChallengEIT, an open call for start-ups from one of the Horizon Europe and Associated countries looking to disrupt the healthcare industry, with leading pharmaceutical company Novartis.
  • Start-ups Meet Healthcare Providers, which matches start-ups with an innovative solutions with leading healthcare providers in their national healthcare systems. Open to start-ups with established legal entities based in any Horizon Europe and Associated countries.
  • SciFi, which gives young life scientists the skills they need to thrive as innovators in the healthcare industry.

Please note: submission does not constitute any formal commitment to supply goods, agreements will be made following direct contact with a member of the EIT Health team.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please contact

“Thanks to EIT Health and the Polish Medical Mission, OneDrop provided glucose metres and test strips to those in need at the border”.

Jeff Dachis, OneDrop CEO and Founder.

“As one of 5 million refugees who had to leave our homes and relatives to save the kids, I want to thank all neighbouring countries for their support”.

Inna Daschenko, a refugee, and a member of the EIT Health Ukraine Appeal Team.

“We send transports with medical supplies across Ukraine. We save the lives of war victims and patients whose evacuation is impossible”.

Ewa Piekarska-Dymus, President of the Board, Polish Medical Mission.


Thank you to all who have donated so far. Donors to date include: