Ukraine appeal: The next phase of EIT Community support

EIT Health stands firmly with Ukraine, its people, and all those supporting them during this unparalleled crisis. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began, almost 15 million Ukrainians [1] have crossed the border and sought help in European countries, mainly in Poland. Russia’s invasion caused a health crisis in Ukraine, with a desperate need for medical supplies and vaccines against tetanus infections, which started to spread among injured soldiers and wounded civilians.


[1]Statista  (2022). Border crossings from and to Ukraine 2022, Statista. Available at:

Impact to date

In phase one of our Ukraine appeal, from February to August 2022, we facilitated medical equipment donations and targeted financial contributions to the Polish Medical Mission. We raised money to support a tetanus vaccination programme, helping to deliver over 15,000 doses. We have also helped provide Ukraine with over:

  • 500,000 vital pieces of equipment like breathing apparatus, mobile X-Ray units and volumetric pumps
  • 250,000 dressings
  • 131,000 antiseptic kits
  • 10,000 first aid kits and tourniquets
  • 500 diabetic kits and glucomonitors

The 2023 EIT Strategic Regional Innovation (SRI) Cluster, coordinated by EIT Health, has become a leader of the Work Package dedicated to Ukraine. It is a unique collaboration platform between seven EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) in all countries that have status as moderate or modest innovators in Europe. We cover 22 regions in Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe.

At EIT Community SRI Cluster, we strongly emphasise our dedication to Ukraine by providing its citizens and organisations with numerous opportunities through our programmes. Operating within the EIT Community, these initiatives actively promote and nurture innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability throughout Ukraine. By extending funding, mentorship, and training to Ukrainian entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), we strive to establish an environment that fosters economic growth, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation within the country.

Rebuilding Ukraine

As part of the second phase of our Ukraine Appeal, EIT Health is supporting the EIT Community’s efforts to improve access to the European innovation marketplace for Ukrainian talent and entrepreneurs who will play a crucial role in rebuilding the country’s economy. By leading EIT Community Strategic Regional Innovations Cluster, EIT Health works closely with different actors to extend the support we have been providing to Ukrainian refugees in post-conflict Ukraine, including our education, training, and start-up support programmes. Together, we contribute to the growth and development of a thriving and resilient Ukraine.

  • EIT Jumpstarter

This pre-acceleration programme prepares idea-holders to set up their own ventures and land innovations in the European market. The programme offers participants nine thematic areas to explore: Digital, Food, Health, InnoEnergy, Manufacturing, Raw Materials, Urban Mobility, New European Bauhaus and the newly introduced Rebuild Ukraine category. In 2023, the EIT Jumpstarter witnessed an impressive surge of enthusiasm from Ukrainian entrepreneurs, with 134 out of 620 applications originating from Ukraine, representing over 20% of all applicants.

  • Red Kalyna Initiative

This new initiative is led by EIT Health, together with EIT InnoEnergy and other Knowledge and Innovation Communities of EIT. Red Kalyna aims to recognise outstanding Ukrainian female entrepreneurs who have developed innovative products or solutions or have transformed their businesses into innovative ones. Every year ten role models from Ukraine will be inducted into the Red Kalyna Hall of Fame, which will be published and promoted. We also look for inspiring female leaders who mentor and guide others in innovation and entrepreneurship. They will receive the Red Kalyna EIT Community Label to symbolise their strength and endurance. The project is open to external partners who wish to support female entrepreneurs from Ukraine. Find out more.

  • Ukraine Seeds of Bravery

EIT Health, in collaboration with Ukrainian and European partners, is actively involved in implementing initiatives to foster Ukraine’s integration into the broader European ecosystem. One such project, the Seeds of Bravery (supported by EIC), aims to establish a pan-European network that supports the bilateral integration of Ukrainian tech innovators into European ecosystems and enhances their operations within Ukraine.

Within this project, EIT Jumpstarter, as a flagship EIT programme, will extend its presence in Ukraine to support early-stage teams and idea-holders focused on rebuilding the country. EIT Health will conduct this programme on behalf of other EIT KICs, including EIT Food, EIT Raw Materials, EIT InnoEnergy, EIT Urban Mobility, and EIT Manufacturing.

Opportunities available

Currently selected EIT Community opportunities are open to Ukrainian citizens and organisations, to name a few:

  • Creating ValEU: Innovation Training Course is blended online learning with onsite training at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom; top-tier universities have designed this programme to create the next generation of pioneers in healthcare innovation. Learn from industry leaders, participate in skills and training workshops, and work with experienced mentors to pitch your ideas to a panel of experts and investors. Receive an EIT Health certificate and the chance to earn ECTS. Winning participants could have the opportunity to win seed capital to turn those ideas into reality.
  • Mentoring & Coaching Network – a programme designed to support startups and scale-ups in the healthcare industry. Access an extensive network of over 200 esteemed healthcare industry experts, ready to share their valuable knowledge and help you establish vital connections. Having a mentor from this diverse pool can make all the difference in ensuring the successful growth of your business. From academic professors to European patent attorneys and venture capitalists, you’ll find the right mentor to provide you with the inside track to success in our Mentoring and Coaching Network. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to elevate your business to new heights!
  • HelloAI RIS Programme is a unique educational experience made possible by HelloAI partner hubs in Stockholm, Barcelona and Budapest, collaborating with the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm (KTH), LEITAT Technology Center and GE HealthCare. 2600+ students and professionals have joined courses of the HelloAI team from all across Europe. We offer the best pro-bono educational programme for medical students who want to become fluent in AI and entrepreneurship’s primary theoretical and practical use in just a few weeks of studying.

You can find more details about these opportunities and many others in the catalogue of open calls developed specifically for Ukrainian beneficiaries by EIT Health and the EIT Strategic Regional Innovations Cluster.

If you have any queries or suggestions, please get in touch with

“Thanks to EIT Health and the Polish Medical Mission, OneDrop provided glucose metres and test strips to those in need at the border”.

Jeff Dachis, OneDrop CEO and Founder.

“As one of 5 million refugees who had to leave our homes and relatives to save the kids, I want to thank all neighbouring countries for their support”.

Inna Daschenko, a refugee, and a member of the EIT Health Ukraine Appeal Team.

“We send transports with medical supplies across Ukraine. We save the lives of war victims and patients whose evacuation is impossible”.

Ewa Piekarska-Dymus, President of the Board, Polish Medical Mission.