OFFER: Platform for prioritising COVID-19 calls

7th April 2020

Platform to help meet increased call demand during pandemic

Incareview Ltd is offering a personalised call and messaging system to help governments and public health systems communicate more quickly with citizens affected by COVID-19

During the pandemic, the majority of health authorities are inundated with phone calls from the public. This can result in long call waiting times for everyone, including those who are wanting to talk with a nurse about more urgent COVID-19 symptoms.

In response to this, Incareview Ltd, in collaboration with Beaumont hospital in Dublin, has developed:

  1. A software platform to help nurses ensure that COVID-19 patients are being discharged with the necessary information.
  2. An app, named “VIA”, which patients can use to look-up their personalised information issued to them post discharge.

They are offering the use of these to healthcare and governmental institutions for three months.

How the system works:

Step 1: Recommended information is collected, classified and stored in Incareview Ltd’s platform as tags. Examples of these tags are COVID- General, COVID-Maternity, COVID-Immunocompromised, COVID-Paediatrics.

Step 2: The nurse manning the call centre attends the call, now with prior knowledge of the type of request.

Step 3: The nurse will receive the mobile number of the caller and can prescribe the relevant COVID-19 content to them.

Step 4: The caller receives a text on their mobile.

Step 5: By clicking the link, the caller can download the VIA app and access the prescribed information by the nurse.

The system therefore allows the immediate dissemination of authorised COVID-19 information to all discharged patients without delay.

Incareview Ltd notes that the platform is evolving every day and could also be used by governmental organisations to send broadcast messages to the public.

For more information, please contact Sajeesh Kesavan
| | Incareview

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