Bootcamps: Informational Webinars




At EIT Health, we believe life is about following your passions. During our Bootcamps, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people and academics who are experts in their field, supporting you to achieve your goals. If you have a developing business idea, you can become part of this European community and get new insights and perspectives in this 2–to-3-month opportunity.

You will hear from organisers who will provide more details about the Patient Innovation Bootcamp, Reactor Bootcamp, and Women Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. They will explain how each of the Bootcamps work, the application process, eligibility requirements, key dates, and more. Alumni will also join us to share with you their story and how they benefited from the programme.

Don’t forget to bring your questions. We’re happy to answer any doubts you may have about the Bootcamps. See you there!

Join us online on 27 January at 11 AM CET and 24 February at 11 AM CET.