Digital Health and Crisis – How the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital solutions within European Healthcare Systems




Joint EIT Health Germany & EIT Health Scandinavia Symposium

Since spring 2020, the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus brought our way of life to a standstill. Throughout all areas of society and government, we had to walk new ways and redesign familiar structures to face previously unknown challenges.

All industries had to adjust to the changed situation, but hardly any other industry was as strongly challenged to adapt as the health sector. Hospitals and medical facilities were required to exhaust their capacities whilst simultaneously implementing the necessary changes brought upon them by the pandemic to protect healthcare workers as well as patients. Some of these adaptations have transformed the European health sector forever due to digital solutions having been adopted within European Healthcare Systems during the pandemic at a previously unimaginable pace and scale.

This Joint EIT Health Germany & EIT Health Scandinavia Symposium will provide EIT Health partners and associated organisations from across the D.A.CH. region as well as from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia with a cross-border platform to exchange experiences and learnings from the frontline of this transformation of the respective healthcare systems.

More information on speakers and the full agenda HERE.