EIT and the New European Innovation Agenda




On October 9th, Madrid will become the epicentre of European innovation. Spanish Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) are ready to unleash an unprecedented event that promises to transform the innovation landscape in Spain and Europe. This gathering will be an enriching and inspiring experience, bringing together eight KICs (Climate, Culture, Digital, Food, Health, Manufacturing, Raw Materials, and Urban Mobility) to shape the future of innovation.

Under the title “EIT and the New European Innovation Agenda: Contributions of KICs to Spain’s Innovation Leadership within the European Union,” this event will serve as a platform to deeply assess the invaluable contribution of the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) of the European Institute of Innovation (EIT) from their inception to the present. Their role in driving innovation in Spain and alignment with the New European Innovation Agenda will be thoroughly explored.

Key event details

· Historical overview: The event will offer a detailed retrospective analysis of how EIT’s KICs have shaped the innovation landscape in Spain and Europe over the years.

· Future perspectives: KIC leaders will share their strategic vision on how these communities will continue to drive innovation in the region, aligned with the ambitious New European Innovation Agenda.

· Distinguished speakers: The event will feature prominent speakers, including KIC leaders, government officials, and experts in innovation and education, who will provide valuable and strategic insights.

· Interactive discussion panels: Discussion panels will allow participants to delve into crucial topics related to innovation, such as support for entrepreneurs, social and economic progress, and talent retention.

· Commitment to the New European Innovation Agenda: The event will highlight concrete initiatives aligned with the New European Innovation Agenda, demonstrating the EIT Community’s strong commitment to Europe’s innovative future.

This gathering promises to be a milestone in promoting innovation in Europe and Spain. Attendees are expected to gain a comprehensive understanding of how EIT’s KICs have been and will continue to be catalysts for innovation in the region.

This journey will be opened by Martin Kern, Director of EIT, and Jean-Marc Bourez, together with Carlos Marco Estellés, Subsecretary of Science and Innovation, Ministry of Science and Innovation.

The health and science sector will have a very relevant presence, given their participation not only in the opening but also in the closing session with the Secretary General for Innovation in the Ministry of Science and Innovation, Teresa Riesgo.

On the other hand, Izabel Alfany, Managing Director at EIT Health Spain will also participate, together with the presence of Aurea Rodríguez, Interim Director CLC South West at EIT Culture & Creativity and Carolina Torregrosa, Education Program Manager at EIT Manufacturing, to disseminate the value of talent and new skills.

Attendance is limited by invitation only. If you’re interested in joining us, do not hesitate to get in touch by sending an email to: