EIT Artificial Intelligence for Europe: Results and future steps



This is an event open to all that is aimed at those interested in the three main goals of the EU initiative Artificial Intelligence for Europe: i) Boost the EU’s technological and industrial capacity in AI, ii) Empower the education system to pre-empt the socio-economic changes that will come with the rise of AI and iii) Build ethical and legal frameworks to ensure all rights of citizens are protected.

EIT Health will present the results of our work in the Cross KIC AI project, focused in the analysis of the “AI training in Europe and EIT offer for AI talent development”.

Talks include:

EIT AI Community: A quick overview by Orestis Trasanidis, EIT Digital

AI Innovations for SMEs by  Adrian Bablok, Project Manager EIT Manufacturing

AI training in Europe and EIT offer for AI talent development by Dr. Magí Lluch-Ariet, Data Manager and Analyst at EIT Health and Marcus Chiri, Data Architect at EIT Climate-KIC

AI for Professionals by Dr. Inge de Waard, Sr. Learning Strategist & Innovator at EIT InnoEnergy

A European approach to AI by Federico Menna, Head of Staff & Operations at EIT Digital

Join us from 15:00 – 16:00 CET to find out more about the initial key results of EIT KIC’s collaboration within the EIT Community of Artificial Intelligence and to get a glimpse of our wide-ranging plans for the next period. What are our mission and goals? What is the EIT Community’s vision on education and work in AI? How can the EIT Community engage with and foster AI in business?