EIT Health Alumni X CommUnity by InnoEnergy – A NEW ME’2




EIT Health Alumni is organising the second edition of a “A NEW ME” in partnership with the CommUnity by InnoEnergy. It is open to members of all EIT Alumni Communities.

What is A NEW ME?

“A NEW ME” is a series of short intensive workshops created to help people reflect on their lives, focussing on what is relevant and meaningful and can help career development.

Within the framework of the process, participants will work on the following guiding themes:

  1. History:what important experiences have shaped their lives?
  2. Insights:what are their strengths and weaknesses? What do they stand for?
  3. Purpose:what is their contribution to this world – their calling? What are their core values?
  4. Ambition:where does their future lie? What are their dreams? What do they want to achieve in the next chapter of their lives?
  5. Pathway:how do they sometimes sabotage themselves? How do they overcome limiting beliefs that limit them, and shape the next chapter of their lives?

The programme combines group discussions with exchanges of experiences, journaling exercises and reflective walking. It aims to help participants to have a deeper understanding of themselves and an insight into their inner dynamics – what makes them tick, and what might hold them back.

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