EIT Health at European Health Forum Gastein



EIT Health will hold an online session on 28 September at 11 am as part of the 27 September-1 October 2021 European Health Forum Gastein. This year’s session by EIT Health is entitled “The heartbeat of health innovation: How networks & collective action can help us cope with crises and lead the way to a more resilient future”. The session will focus on how networks like EIT Health can play a vital role for Europe’s recovery and response to future crises while also dealing with the everyday realities of growing demand around healthcare due to challenges such as non-communicable diseases. We will discuss how EIT Health drives quick action by connecting minds and organisations in business, research and education. This will also be an opportunity to highlight trends and innovations that have emerged from the EIT Health community during the pandemic and to explore the potential of digital health solutions beyond the pandemic.

About the European Health Forum Gastein (27 September-1 October 2021)

The European Health Forum Gastein is an independent, non-partisan organisation, founded in 1998 as a European health policy platform. The organisation’s aim is to provide a neutral and inclusive forum for the discussion and advancement of health, solidarity and equity in the EU and beyond. The founding principle is equal representation of all stakeholders.

This year the forum’s theme is “Rise like a phoenix: Health at the heart of a resilient future for Europe”. It looks at ways to get some good from the pandemic by using this moment to make progress in healthcare.

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