Heart Failure Policy Summit 2022




The annual Heart Failure Policy Summit will be held online between the 26th October and 16th November 2022. The event offers an opportunity for heart failure advocates to build alliances across disease areas and link to broader health policy agendas.

Session 1: 26th October

Heart failure has long been neglected, but 2022 could prove to be a turning point. Heart failure features in the new EU strategy for non-communicable disease and we are seeing growing momentum behind national heart failure policies across Europe.

These events have raised the questions of how advocates are shaping the health policy agenda across borders and at national level, and what more can be achieved if the heart failure community joins together with one voice.

The first session will be addressing these questions and focusing on the theme of “elevating heart failure with one voice: uniting stakeholders to advocate for change.”

Session 2: 2nd November

Heart failure is a significant and growing cause of avoidable hospitalisations, long stays and frequent readmissions. As European health systems try to build back after COVID-19, they seek to reverse this unsustainable model through earlier diagnosis and proactive management based in primary and community care.

The second session will therefore focus on the theme of “innovation in heart failure: shifting diagnosis and care into community settings” through sessions on promising innovations in technology and care models and how advocacy may spread success faster.

Cristina Bescos,  Director of Innovation, EIT Health, is a keynote speaker and will be presenting on EIT Health, the EU policy environment for innovation and digital health, and how advocates can leverage current opportunities.

Find out more about the sessions on 9th and 16th November.

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