High Value Care Seminar Series




As part of the High Value Care Forum, we are implementing a series of five seminars, focusing on the practical implementation of High Value Care (HVC) and diving more deeply into specific topics related to this approach.

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Over the next four months we will cover a number of HVC aspects:

  • 8 November: How to understand and calculate costs to negotiate High Value Care contracts.
  • 8 December: How to effectively involve patients and carers in projects. A structured approach.
  • 10 January: How to facilitate data sharing and what to consider when aiming for transparency in outcomes.
  • 14 February: How to improve project multi-site Learning communities.

Each session is delivered by members of the EIT Health High Value Care Forum and hosted by the EIT Health Academy. The hour-long sessions will be held online and include Q&As and polls to allow you to interact with our experts.

This series is open to the wider High Value Care community of practice. This event is aimed at people with a medium to advanced level of knowledge in High Value Care and VBHC methods who are ideally involved in/looking to launch a transformation process or innovation based on this approach. We welcome all types of participants:

  • Our partners
  • Healthcare providers
  • Industry organisations
  • Research bodies
  • Payors
  • Start-ups
  • Regional/national/international policy bodies or institutions
  • Municipalities
  • Healthcare innovators

You do not need to be an EIT Health Partner to register. While all seminars are free of charge, there is a limited capacity of 50 people per session.

Participants should enrol to the series but are free to attend one or several seminars according to their preferences.

Participants in a seminar will be enrolled into the EIT Health Academy and automatically added to a group forum in order to foster exchanges of best practices and knowledge.

Any questions? Please contact Héloïse Priou, EIT Health Education Lead, our contact for High Value Care.