Venture Capital in Healthcare #2



What is Venture Capital? What do VC Investors look for?

Join our round table on Healthcare start-up financing. We are back with the second episode in the Venture Capital in Healthcare webinar series hosted by members: Gonzalo FernandezPedro Vidal, and Adrià Gómez

In this episode, we are joined by Anna Bellmunt, Associate at Asabys who will give us a peek into the VC world and share their perspectives on how they evaluate ideas, teams and companies. She will share some of the “game rules” that successful VC’s follow and how its knowledge can benefit aspiring entrepreneurs. She will also address how does a VC fund works, its structure and the fund life cycle.

If you are curious to know about the Venture Capital world and how to break into it, or if you are an early-stage startup founder and are exploring different ways to raise money for your company, this is for you!

Why Venture Capital?

It’s clear that Venture Captial is often a very closed sector with specific knowledge often shrouded in mystery and not commonly shared. Unfortunately, many aspiring entrepreneurs can struggle to break into the VC ‘game’ and fully understand all the rules. With this webinar series, we hope to break down these barriers and create a bridge between those with the know-how, and those looking to gain from VC.

If you are curious about venture capital, want to gain a better understanding of healthcare start-up financing, and want to know how to take your idea to the next level? Then this is the webinar series for you!

Meet our Speaker: Anna Bellmunt, Associate at Asabys

Associate at Asabys, Anna is responsible for sourcing and assessing opportunities from the scientific, development and business perspectives.

Previously, Anna was Investment Analyst at LSP where she was responsible for the initial deal flow screening and in-depth scientific and clinical due diligence on investment opportunities. Anna also served as Innovation Manager at the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office at IDIBAPS where she advised entrepreneurs on intellectual property protection and commercialization strategies. Before, Anna was a researcher in the Growth Control and Cancer Metastasis group at the IRB Barcelona.

Anna was awarded a PhD in Biomedicine from the University of Barcelona (UB), a master’s degree in Biomedical Research from the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and two bachelor’s degrees, in Chemistry and Biochemistry, by the University of Barcelona (UB). Anna combined her studies with scientific research training in several research groups in Paris and Barcelona.

Join us on 16 February, at 4 pm for an online webinar and learn about the VC world!