Morning Health Talks

The EIT Health Morning Health Talks (MHT) is a series of events launched to stimulate thought-provoking discussions on the most pressing innovative healthcare topics and create a network environment for healthcare thinkers and doers in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe.

Over the past three years, local communities from Europe’s progressive regions have been taking a closer look at some specific healthcare and innovation issues that were crucial for their regional ecosystems while convening regional leaders to help map best practices and common challenges of digital health solutions. All regions face increasing demands to provide health services to patients, and many digital technologies help meet those needs. The local Morning Health Talks bring an outlook on the development of digital health ecosystems in regions considered moderate and modest innovators in Europe, covered by the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme.

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In over 13 regions,  key opinion leaders, policymakers, public institutions, innovators, start-up leaders and founders, investors and healthcare professionals discuss some of the most urgent healthcare challenges faced in European systems, such as:

  • Healthcare system transformation,
  • AI in healthcare,
  • Value-Based Healthcare,
  • Data donation,
  • Cybersecurity,
  • and hospital engagement.


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28 September Slovenia Hospitals, as innovation centers: how to implement new technologies and methods
2 October Greece Funding inbound and Open Innovation in hospitals
3 October Croatia Startt-ups and healthcare providers
3 October Portugal. Porto Fostering a culture of innovation – Best Practices for Portugal’s Healthcare Ecosystem
4 October Latvia Creating smart hospitals – European examples
11 October Portugal, Evora Relationship management among the stakeholders of healthcare innovations
16 October Poland Innovative hospitals – let’s create a roadmap for future healthcare
19 October Estonia Medical students as shapers of our future
14 November Italy Testing drugs and testing digital solutions – differences and potential parallels
21 November Romania Hospitals as innovation drivers
22 November Czechia Hospitals as innovation centers
22 November Slovakia Hospitals as innovation centers
23 November Lithuania Health data sharing initiatives: celebrating successes and learning from challenges
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Morning Health Talks 2023_2nd round
Mónika Tóth, Director of Regional Innovation Scheme, at EIT Health InnoStars
Balázs Fürjes, Managing Director, at EIT Health InnoStars


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