17 healthy ageing start-ups to receive funding

27th September 2022

EIT Health, together with nine global collaborators representing nearly 50 countries and territories, today announced the winners of the third round of the Healthy Longevity Catalyst Awards. The awards are part of the Healthy Longevity Global Competition – a multiyear, multimillion-dollar international competition seeking breakthrough innovations to extend human health and function later in life.

Founded by the U.S. National Academy of Medicine, the competition has been running for three years and calls on teams and individuals from diverse backgrounds including science, medicine, technology, finance, and social sciences to submit novel and innovative ideas. The competition includes a three-tiered structure of awards: a first phase of Catalyst Awards, a second phase Accelerator Award, and a third Grand Prize phase.

EIT Health is administering and funding the Catalyst Awards, through our Bridgehead and InnoStars Awards programmes. We are participating in the first phase of the Global Competition to help meet the immediate need for solutions to combat the physical, mental, and social wellbeing challenges people across the globe face as they age.

“We are proud help accelerate solutions to the many health challenges people face as they age, through the Healthy Longevity Catalyst awards. Funding the start-ups with the greatest potential to make change in the field of healthy ageing is an important way in which we are seeking to reduce the burden that an ageing population places on European healthcare systems. In the long-term, we are excited to see the positive impact the healthy ageing solutions supported by this award will have in Europe and beyond, and how they will improve people’s quality of life as they age,” says Kurt Höller, Director of Business Creation, EIT Health.

17 start-ups have received a Catalyst Award from EIT Health as part of the competition. Each awardee will receive up to €50,000 funding to advance their product or service. Read on to learn more about this years’ Catalyst award winners.

Meet our 2022 Bridgehead Catalyst awardees:

Cardiolyse (Finland): is addressing early cardiovascular disease detection/prevention through a post-discharge and chronic cardiovascular disease (CVD) patient monitoring platform.

Eodyne Systems (Spain): develops and commercialises science-based, technological solutions for neurorehabilitation (a medical process which aims to aid recovery from a nervous system injury).

Exheus (Spain): provides health intelligence reports that analyse the expression levels of the 22,000 genes of the genome through RNA sequencing and AI.

Medical Simulation Technologies (Poland): is advancing medical simulators, by using the latest technologies in computer science and electronics.

Moona (France): improves sleep for millions of people, using breakthrough technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

Moveo (Italy): self-powered, lightweight soft exoskeleton/exosuit that stores the energy generated by hip extensor muscles during walking and uses it to assist motion for patients with walking difficulties.

PHLECS (The Netherlands): has developed a unique technology platform that meets numerous needs in dermatology, including the treatment of elderly itching and eczema.

Meet our 2022 InnoStars Catalyst awardees:

Breaz Medical (Spain): is developing a Class IIa medical device that identifies disease specific physical and physiological changes of lung function parameters during normal breathing.

Diamante (Italy): is a biotech company focusing on the creation of a novel therapeutic approach for autoimmune diseases based on the restoration of self-tolerance, using harmless plant viruses to present immunomodulatory peptides.

DP innovations (Hungary): has developed a device that aims to reform the concept of respiratory therapy.

Fidelio Medical (Italy): engineers innovative electrochemical sensors adapted to multi-marker screening for superior accuracy in iron detection. Fidelio is developing a digital platform around its point-of-care diagnostic unit.

Lightscience (Italy): is developing myLAB, a modular, multiparametric, portable blood analysis system based on IoT, AI and cloud computing.

Medicud (Italy): aims to make Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) the gold standard remedy for closed surgical incisions such as caesarean section, with its innovative, unmatchable, and ultraportable device.

Nanordica Medical (Estonia): has developed a nanoformula to enable the development of more efficient antibacterial products. The first product based on this technology is an advanced antibacterial wound dressing.

Quantum Biometronics (Greece): aims to synthesise quantum technology with biotechnology to create sophisticated medical devices. The current focus is pupillometry, the measurement of pupil’s light reflex, with unprecedented precision.

Shuttle Catheters (Greece): aims to address the clinical need for successful guidewire crossing of severe stenosis and extend the reach of endovascular treatment.

Smart EpiGenetX (Romania): develops a digital nutrition platform, NutriCare.Life which based on nutrigenetic, microbiome and screening tests enables personalised prevention and treatment.

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