20 scale-ups selected for EIT Health Bridgehead 2023

28th July 2023

We are delighted to announce that we have selected twenty healthcare scale-ups to receive customised assistance to expand their businesses internationally through our Bridgehead programme in 2023. Our selected scale-ups represent a diverse range of healthcare technologies, from medical imaging to exoskeletons.

EIT Health’s Bridgehead programme brings together health entrepreneurs who want to grow their business in the European market with top incubators and accelerators with the expertise and resources to make it happen.

Each scale-up selects its preferred target regions across the globe and is then matched with the most suitable incubator or accelerator that meets its specific requirements and needs to enter new markets. Together, they devise strategies to access these new markets quickly and decisively, tapping into local networks of partners and clients, accessing essential infrastructure, and understanding new regulatory systems.

A recent success story from our 2022 intake is Moveo. With support from EIT Health Bridgehead programme, the Italian start-up was able to explore a B2B approach to selling their product in the Dutch market.  

Founded in 2019, Moveo aims to ease walking difficulties by providing exercise and rehabilitation support worldwide. Their revolutionary ExoBand, a soft exoskeleton, enables remote rehabilitation and physiotherapy, leading to improved mobility and a better quality of life. Moveo evolved a B2B approach for selling ExoBand into the Dutch market using insights into reimbursement strategies. With support from the Bridgehead programme they were coached on forming partnerships with care organisations and rehabilitation centres for future studies and collaborations, directly enabling their success.  

With support from EIT Health Bridgehead, Moveo evolved a B2B approach for selling ExoBand in the Dutch market. They gained insights into reimbursement strategies and were coached on forming partnerships with care organisations and rehabilitation centres for future studies and collaborations.

Meet start-ups selected for Bridgehead 2023

Our applicants went through a thorough evaluation by an expert panel, which considered the innovativeness of their solutions, their business model, their traction in the home market, and their readiness to expand to other European markets. Read on to learn about each of our selected start-ups selected for Bridgehead Europe:

Adiquit, Digital Health, Czech Republic: An innovative, personalised, evidence-based online therapy that may help smoking patients meet the preoperative recommendations and, consequently, reduce the rate of cancellations in the ambulatory setting.

Aidx Medical BV, BioTech, Netherlands: Has developed an automated diagnostic microscope for reliable and rapid detection of urinary tract infections using novel Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. This proposed diagnostic technique is suitable for independent use by healthcare providers at the point-of-care.

Antegenes, MedTech, Estonia: Has developed groundbreaking genetic tests to detect individual risks for the most common and deadly cancers worldwide, including breast, prostate, colorectal, and skin melanoma. Unlike traditional cancer screening programs, which consider only age as a risk factor, Antegenes’ tests are based on polygenic risk score technology, making them much more precise and efficient.

DIVERSA Technologies, BioTech, Spain: Offers ready-to-use formulations for fast intracellular delivery of small molecules and complex macromolecules with high efficiency while boosting their therapeutic activity.

Doctomatic, Digital Health, Spain: Offers a device and condition-agnostic AI-powered SaaS platform to monitor patients remotely. By downloading an app, patients can scan the results from any domestic medical device and automatically provide their doctors with the data.

Envision medical, MedTech, Netherlands: Has developed the Vascoscope system, a dedicated ultrasound to make vascular access simple to perform and easy to learn.

Greenhabit BV, Digital Health, Netherlands: Developed a 12-weeks behavioural health treatment programme using AI to personalise treatment. This digital holistic intervention is evidence-based and educates patients to improve their quality of life.

Health Force, Digital Health, Austria: Developing an AI Assistant that can take care of everyday, time-consuming tasks to save hospital staff time and allow them to focus on patients. Currently, the AI Assistant is operating in the hospital back-office, where it will handle tasks such as managing supplies, creating and submitting medical bills, scheduling appointments and more.

Heuristik, Digital Health, Spain: 95% of identification errors happen because of the identification bracelets and the health cards in hospitals. To solve these daily problems, they developed a software solution combining fingerprints and artificial intelligence in order to identify and manage patients during the whole patient journey.

HMG Systems Engineering GmbH, Digital Health, Germany: The PGXperts System brings drug interactions and medication risks into genomics age by translating scientific knowledge on interactions, drug risk factors and pharmacogenetics into actionable results for medical professionals.

Knopka sp.z.o.o., MedTech, Poland: Knopka is an advanced wireless nurse call system for patient care automation on hospital beds. The system helps nurses and doctors respond immediately by ensuring that medical staff arrives at a patient’s bed within 3 minutes.

Micro-Cosmos, MedTech, Netherlands: Help inpatients recover faster by providing a better healing environment in a mobile and easy way. Their domes reduce noise and light and thereby improve the sleep of patients.

Morecognition, Digital Health, Italy: Remo is a new, revolutionary digital treatment model based on a medical device that measures muscle activity, an APP and an AI. It allows patients to perform the exercises prescribed by the therapist at home, reducing the costs per session.

OaCP IE LTD, BioTech, Ireland: OACP saves lives by making crucial DNA tests for cancer and infections faster and more accessible.

Osteobionix, MedTech, Spain: People who need extensive chest wall reconstruction are subject to impairment of physiologic breathing, discomfort, pain, deformity and severe risk of infection and re-intervention. oBreathe is a chest wall reconstruction implant developed with ITC and skilled thoracic surgeons, which allows for physiologic breathing and restores shape and function.

Physikit, Digital Health, Germany: Addresses the need for more accessible and convenient biosample testing solutions by providing e-health apps, telemedicine platforms, and hospitals with a simple and effective way to develop at-home sample collection programmes.

sendance GmbH, MedTech, Austria: Developers of Smart orthopedic and other wearable devices face the problem that the design, production, and operation of such devices involve tedious, complex, and risky processes involving long timescales. With sendance, companies spend significantly less time and costs for the development of smart product design, enabling them to create innovative solutions that are easy to test and let companies focus on growing their business.

SpeakTX OÜ, Digital Health, Estonia: An online speech therapy platform that provides interactive exercises for children and adult patients, making speech therapy more accessible, effective and engaging.

Stroke2Prevent B.V., MedTech, Netherlands: The use of traditional screening methods for the presence of atherosclerosis who are undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting or trans aortic valve replacement does not allow for full visualisation of the distal ascending aorta. This area can be fully visualised in real-time by TEE with the use of a fluid-filled catheter called A-View placed into the patients’ trachea.

Sympa Health (MB.AI), Digital Health, Poland: A digital therapeutics application designed to provide personalised solutions for managing the symptoms of women’s chronic conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS. Their app uses the latest developments in AI and personalised treatments to offer tailored treatment plans, real-time symptom tracking, and expert support to women.

Looking to take your healthcare business abroad? Learn more about Bridgehead and find out how to apply.

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