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Call for Interest – Lead of the Health and Medical Data Analytics Working Group

29th August 2017

EIT Label for Master and Doctoral Programmes

The Health Campus Degree Programmes Line is seeking a new Leader to drive forward the working group on Health and Medical Data Analytics in order to foster the Labelling of Master & Doctoral Degree Programmes.

The working group leader will have solid experience of research in medical data analytics, a good understanding of innovation policies and of the European dimension of the project. He or she will facilitate discussions between partners who are interested in obtaining the EIT Label for Master and Doctoral programmes.

Background and purpose:

Four Working Groups have been created to boost collaboration between EIT Health partners and support the development of unique Degree Programmes (Masters and PhDs) covering the objectives of EIT Health. Interested partners (academic and non-academic) are encouraged to join the relevant thematic working groups:

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Healthy Living and Active Ageing
  • Technological Innovation for Health
  • Healthcare Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Health and Medical Data Analytics

The EIT Label is a quality seal for educational programmes centrally overseen by EIT for KIC educational activities. (For further information, please check EIT Labelled Master and Doctoral programmes deliver innovation and entrepreneurship skills with an excellent scientific education. These unique programmes train students to make value and sustainability judgments, boosting their creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, research, intellectual and leadership skills.

The current EIT Health landscape of Degree Programmes includes two EIT-Labelled Masters programmes, which are funded from 2017: The Master Programme in Innovation in Healthcare (IHC) and the International Master Programme of Innovative Medicine (IMIM) were both awarded the EIT Label.
There is also one novel Master’s degree under development in 2017: Master in Technological Innovation in Health.

Working groups are a tool to lead to the submission of proposals of Master and Doctoral programmes that can be included in the EIT Health CAMPUS portfolio, receive funds and obtain the EIT label. For details on funding modalities of Masters and Doctoral Programmes, please refer to the EIT Health Call for Proposals.

Role of the working group leader:

  • Facilitate discussions on the thematic content of the Master and/or Doctoral Programmes
  • Gather interested partners in the theme (academic & non-academic partners)
  • Organise periodic teleconferences with involved partners, meetings (minimum 2 face-to-face meetings per year), events, to inform and update partners
  • Co-ordinate discussions between partners
  • Lead on submission of proposals
  • Working group leaders are supported by the Labelling activity team (Academic Lead for EIT Labelling and Certification Prof. Véronique Perdereau and Campus Project Managers Dr. Ioana Andreescu and Claire Nassiet) on overall labelling procedure, application, funding modalities.

Indicative budget:

In 2017, the working group leader will be allocated 12.000 euros to coordinate the Health and Medical Data Analytics working group:

  • Staff cost: 8.000 euros
  • Meetings: 1.600 euros
  • Indirect costs: 2.400 euros

TOTAL for 2017: 12.000 euros

Application procedure:

Interested candidates should submit the answers to the following questions to by 05/06/2017:

  • Name, Position and Affiliation to the EIT Health partner;
  • Experience in the field of Medical Data Analytics (1 paragraph);
  • Interest in European Coordination of Master & Doctoral programmes (1 paragraph)


  • Ioana Andreescu –

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