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Creating Impact: Deploying IPCEI for Health

17th October 2022

In the third instalment of the ‘Creating Impact’ series, we spotlight the European Commission’s Strategic Forum for Important Projects of Common European Interest (IPCEI).

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted issues existing within the European healthcare industry. These include lack of production capacity, and logistical challenges. Despite being a world leader in pharmaceutical R&D publications, EU Member States still have work to do in creating robust healthcare systems enviable on the global stage. This is due to the emergence of Asian healthcare industry and competition from world-class US innovation hubs.

A greater focus on transforming research results into patents could boost competitiveness. The US and Europe are leaders in the publication of research papers (identical level of number of publications); but of the 10 largest patenting institutions in personalized medicine in the world, seven are North American and only one European. Additionally, some technologies mastered by European researchers are not developed in Europe because of limited access to private funding.

The European Commission is working to rectify this situation by setting ambitious health objectives which will concentrate public and private funding around targeted projects in the IPCEI in Health call.

What is IPCEI?

There is a growing need to accelerate medical research and push for rapid development and deployment of advanced healthcare solutions. The Commission’s IPCEI call is designed to bring together public and private sectors to undertake large-scale projects of significant benefit to Europe and its citizens. The aim is to address potential market failures impeding innovation, and improve the quality of, and access to, patient healthcare.

IPCEI for health

The IPCEI health call will aim to tackle three objectives of common European interest:

  1. Foster the deployment of major medical advances in therapeutic areas that will help to shape the health of tomorrow and improve patients’ quality of care.
  2. Reinforce the EU’s strategic autonomy, notably through the development of innovative production processes along the entire value chain.
  3. Contribute to building an industrial tool to respond to unmet medical needs and prepare for health crises, with the aim of strengthening Europe’s resilience.

The IPCEI Health call will provide funding covering R&D and early industrial deployment phases, to turn basic research results into industrial applications and encourage risk-taking in the deployment of R&D-intensive solutions.


  • IPCEIs can contribute to sustainable economic growth, jobs, competitiveness and resilience for industry and the economy in the EU and strengthen its strategic autonomy.
  • IPCEIs bring together knowledge, expertise, financial resources, and economic actors from across Europe, in a bid to address important market, systemic, or societal challenges that could not otherwise be addressed.
  • IPCEIs can contribute to a sustainable recovery following serious economic disturbances such as those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and support efforts to strengthen social and economic resilience.
  • SMEs and start-ups can participate in IPCEIs and reap potential benefits.

Stay tuned for the next instalment in our ‘Creating Impact’ series which will focus on the European Health Data Space.

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