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EIT Health Fellowship Alumni sought to compile strategy report

9th July 2019

Fellows would meet in August hackathon to help set EIT Health data strategy

Alumni of EIT Health Innovation Fellowships are hereby offered the opportunity to cooperate on laying the groundwork for EIT Health’s strategy to put health data to work for EU citizens by joining in a 27-23 August hackathon in Stockholm, Sweden.

The 3-5 fellows who are chosen will spend an estimated five days of individual work and five days working together at the hackathon.

Participants will have the opportunity to steer the EIT Health consortium’s efforts to connect data-driven research to achieve EU citizen value. They will also receive a €5 000 stipend.

Scope of the project

In this day and age, all sorts of health data could and should be put to use to improve people’s health. People all over Europe should be able to collect and store their own data in a safe manner and be able to provide others with access to it. Whether it’s their own healthcare professional, informal care givers or health researchers, people should be able to decide who gets access to their data – and they themselves should be the beneficiaries of potential outcomes of their health data analysis. Efforts to address these challenges are still new, and the EIT Health consortium, as Europe’s largest innovation programme in health technology, intends to make a difference in this area.

We are looking for a team of 3-5 Innovation Fellowship alumni who will gather the latest insights in making the use of health data for EU citizens of value, looking at technological restrictions and possibilities, legal and ethical constraints, and business model possibilities. The group of fellows is to deliver a framework document that the EIT Health partners can use to launch tangible and promising projects or activities designed to put promises into practice. The report will be used in the EIT Health Partner Assembly of September 2018 to discuss the EIT Health 2020 call.

Five-day workshop/hackathon

EIT Health Innovation Fellowships, a world-leading initiative for needs-driven healthcare innovation, is now recruiting participants for this 2018 fellows project, which is organised by RISE (SE) and TU Delft (NL) together in Sweden. During the 27-23 August workshop/hackathon, the team will get together in Stockholm and create the end product: a document on the health data / citizen framework. Along with the meeting time, it is anticipated that each fellow will put in another five days into the project to prepare the workshop/hackathon (desk study and expert interviews) and follow up.

During the program, the team will have direct access to the esteemed international network of EIT Health partner organizations and will be supported directly by experienced staff from RISE and the TU Delft. Please find more background information on the project in the attachment.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for a team of Innovation Fellowship alumni that combine strong analytical skills (academic level), experience in project development, policy making and business development – and who have an overview of the healthcare sector and ICT/Data possibilities. Most of all, they should be able take into account the position of citizens and/or patients. The participating fellows will receive a €5 000 personal stipend as compensation for their time. Hotel and travel costs will be paid for by the project.

If you are interested in steering the EIT Health consortium in how to connect data driven research possibilities with EU citizen value, we want to hear from you.

How to apply

Please apply by sending a short resume and a letter of motivation before 25 June on how you would like to contribute to

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