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EIT Health Germany’s Regional Finalists for the European Health Catapult 2018

9th July 2019

European Health Catapult 2018: German & Swiss finalists will compete on 11 July in Heidelberg

EIT Health Germany is pleased to introduce you to the 2018 German and Swiss regional finalists of the European Health Catapult 2018.

On 11 July 2018, EIT Health Germany will host the “Ship for Health Innovation Pitches (SHIP)” regional finals for German and Swiss start-ups aboard the ship “Königin Silvia” in Heidelberg. Successful applicants in the field of biotech, medtech and digital health will be invited to the SHIP to pitch their business idea in front of a jury of entrepreneurs, industry partners and investors. The best two teams of each category will be nominated for the international pitch competition with the chance to become one of seven finalists in their category for the EIT Health Summit in Lodz, Poland.

The European Health Catapult (EHC) is a training and competition platform, jointly organised by EIT Health and Health Axis Europe, that includes several opportunities to present your company in front of experts and international investors. It awards the best-of-the-best business concepts from MedTech, BioTech and Digital Health across Europe.

The teams of EIT Health Germany’s European Health Catapult 2018:

  • BioTech Startups:

Aquarray – Aquarray’s proprietary Droplet Microarray (DMA) is an innovation product which enables novel highly miniaturised biochemical and cell based screenings.
Contact: Dr. Simon Widmaier,

mk2 Biotechnologies – Developed a revolutionising bio-based synthesis technology which allows the scalable production of high purity peptides with arbitrary chemical and physical properties.
Contact: Konstantinos Antonopoulos, CEO,

Pharmgenomics – ColoAlert is the first affordable DNA-based colorectal cancer stool test.
Contact: Philipp Freese,

  • Digital Health Startups: 

Dentavenir GmbH & Co. – Manufacturing 3D printed appliances that radically improve the design and fabrication processes, thus rendering personalised medicine in the field of orthodontics a reality.
Contact: Markus Utomo,

Kaia – In 2018 Kaia Health released its second therapy, Kaia COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).
Contact: Jonas Duss,

Memocorby – A neuroscientific-based, digital, multi-sensory tool for re-learning language for stroke patients or children with language problems, and for patients who suffer from dementia to maintain language, in a rapidly growing international healthcare market.
Contact: Dr. Elisabeth Dokalik-Jonak,

Mindpax – A digital medicine company that is building predictive algorithms for severe psychiatric diseases. Mindpax had developed long-term monitoring system for patients suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder spectrum.
Contact: Pavel Nevicky,

Sleepiz AG – A Zurich-based award-winning Med-tech start-up founded by graduates from ETH Zurich and the University of St. Gallen (HSG), backed by leading sleep specialists in Switzerland. Sleepiz has developed a revolutionary sleep disorder screening device.
Contact: Max Sieghold,

  • MedTech Startups:

Anvajo – Developed a small Point-of-care-device based on an optical sensors technology providing immediate results at lab-grade accuracy with only little amounts of blood.
Contact: Hans-Gert Stuke,

Medical Magnesium – A medtech start-up that revolutionises modern patient care by developing and marketing bioabsorbable orthopedic implants made of magnesium.
Contact: Florian Coppers,

OrmoSys – A holistic dynamic body analysis system. The results are usable for doctors, podiatrist and chiropractors for diagnostic, therapy-treatment plan and for prescription.
Contact: Fatmir Langmeier,

SensArs Neuroprosthetics is an EPFL spin-off that has developed SENSY, a unique worldwide device to restore sensory feedback to lower limb amputees from their prosthesis.
Contact: Francesco Maria Petrini,

TherapySelect – Targeted drugs are the new promising drug alternatives for cancer. However only 25% of cancer patients respond to drug therapy, even to these new targeted drugs. TherapySelect offers a commercial diagnostic product, whose technology can be used to solve the problem. The product is called CTR-Test (Chemotherapy-Resistance-Test).
Contact: Dr. Frank Kischkel,

Event date: The “SHIP – Ship for Health Innovation Pitches” will be on 11 July 2018 in Heidelberg.

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