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EIT Health InnoStars Challenge-based acceleration programme welcomes 9 innovative start-ups ready to answer healthcare challenges of Roche Slovakia

13th March 2024

EIT Health InnoStars Challenge-based Acceleration programme, initiated in collaboration with CIVITTA Slovakia, is designed to build a direct path between European healhtech start-ups, and the innovation needs and priorities of Roche Slovakia.

The programme offers educational support on business essentials. Additionally, it grants the unique opportunity to collaborate closely with experts from Roche Slovakia, enabling start-ups to align their innovations with real-world healthcare challenges.

From a competitive pool of  100 applicants, a select group of 9 standout start-ups from Czechia, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain(2) and Romania(2) was chosen to join the programme. This exceptional cohort exemplifies the potential for innovative solutions to make a significant impact on healthcare practices and patient outcomes.


1️. Challenge: Advancing Breast Cancer Screening and Early Diagnostics

The Blue Box Biomedical Solutions, Spain
Women lack reliable breast cancer (BC) screening methods, as 50% of BCs are detected in a late-stage. The Blue Box has developed a radiation-free, pain-free, low-cost device detecting BC in urine with 88.33%. This outperforms mammography by 15% across all age groups and by 30% for women under 50.

Glooma, Portugal
Glooma is developing a home and portable medical screening device, the SenseGlove, to detect and monitor changes in the breast tissue. Their goal is to empower women while doing the breast self-exam and to contribute to the early detection of breast cancer.

2️. Challenge: Remote patient monitoring of MS patients

Mild Blue, Czechia
Mild Blues makes the work of healthcare professionals simpler, more convenient, more accurate, and faster by developing artificial intelligence algorithms and creating truly functional and useful digital solutions.

NeuroBlast, Serbia
The Neuroblast Ecosystem is designed to assist adults and children with neurodegenerative diseases, enabling continuous exercise and remote monitoring of the patients during post-rehabilitation at home.

eSteps Health, Italy
Democratising access to healthcare for frail patients through the journey to health with personalised remote digital biomarkers of mobility quality.


3️. Challenge: Integrated Healthcare Referral Challenge: Bridging Gaps in Patient Transitions

DEA Medicine, Romania
DEA Medicine converts conventional hospitals into digital entities within 1-3 business days, offering them solutions for time efficiency, patient communication and team management., Slovakia
Telemon –  remote patient monitoring. Track all your vital signs,

medications and health insights, share them online with your MD and stay under constant medical control. Manages your health and chronic conditions with the simple, quick and affordable telemon app.

4️. Challenge: Transforming Medical Education for Physicians

Xpeer Medical Education, Spain
The only accredited “Netflix” for HCPs. The fastest growing app for digital engagement of the Healthcare providers worldwide.

Eduson, Romania
Eduson is the first and largest online medical education platform in Romania, with over 1000 hours of video content covering various specialties and topics. Eduson offers webinars, events, courses, and case studies led by the best medical experts from Romania and abroad. Eduson also has a dedicated mobile app that allows users to access the content anytime and anywhere.

These startups are set to embark on a transformative journey, benefiting from mentoring by senior experts, network extension and collaboration opportunities with Roche –  a pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics focused on advances in science and improving people’s lives.

The final Demo Day, where start-ups will present their solutions, will take place at the beginning of April.

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