EIT Health joins “Seeds of Bravery” Consortium

2nd February 2024

EIT Health is set to be a key player in the Seeds of Bravery (UASEEDs) consortium. UASEEDs is a €20 million project funded by the European Union under the European Innovation Council (EIC) to support Ukrainian tech start-ups and SMEs with innovative solutions, services, and products, bringing them closer to the EU.

What is the goal of UASEEDs?

The project launched on 24 January 2024, and the initiative will help preserve Ukraine’s innovation and economic potential, build opportunities for ecosystem recovery and growth, and create innovations for Ukraine’s new economy.

Alongside allocating €12 million in non-refundable grants, its main goal is to create a pan-European network that supports the integration of Ukrainian technology innovators into European ecosystems and their subsequent activities in Ukraine. Additionally, UASEEDs aims to attract additional investment, promote Ukrainian projects, train entrepreneurs, and enter international markets.

The project’s mission is to foster diversity, promote the deep tech industry and industry and stimulate hundreds of UA-based innovations benefiting end-users in Europe, Ukraine and beyond, connecting corporates and governments to the benefit of SMEs and individual customers.

The project is also expected to pave the way for Ukrainian tech start-ups to participate in future EIC calls.

How will UASEEDs make a difference?

UASEEDs is uniquely positioned to achieve its objectives, maximise impact and create a tangible partnership between the EU and Ukraine in the long term thanks to the diverse expertise of Consortium Partners including researchers, investors, incubators, support centres, etc., alongside EIT Health, as well as the preliminary research conducted that assessed and identified the gaps and needs of Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

The implementation of the UASEEDs project can be a key factor in the successful transformation of Ukraine in economic and technological terms, and supporting Ukraine’s innovation landscape will help provide a path to a European future where Ukraine will be recognised as a nation that actively contributes to global progress and innovation.

What is EIT Health’s role in UASEED?

EIT Health is a key player in the UASEEDs consortium, leading in Work Package 3 (WP3) and supporting in the other 6 Work Packages.

In WP3, EIT Health will focus on ‘Facilitating Access to Financing’ by helping start-ups access both equity and non-equity financing, with a particular focus on the EIC programmes, such as Accelerator. This also includes leveraging EIT Health’s European Healthcare Ecosystem and integrating investment readiness to enhance a start-up venture’s chances of successful fundraising, and allows Ukrainian ventures to benefit from EIT Health’s ‘Finance Booster Programme’, the four-week initiative that provides essential support for start-ups in their investment journey.

Using its market access expertise, EIT Health will also support ventures with market discovery and fast-track access, by offering soft-landing services to those ventures seeking entry into European Healthcare markets.

Additionally, the Consortium is supported by EIT Health InnoStars e.V., who offer business creation and pre-acceleration programmes, such as the EIT Jumpstarter, a flagship EIT programme in Ukraine that will increase its presence to support early-stage teams and idea-holders focused on rebuilding the country, collaborating with other EIT KICs like Food, New Materials, InnoEnergy, Urban Mobility, and Manufacturing.

The importance of EIT Health’s involvement lies in its ability to provide a robust European Healthcare Ecosystem, enhancing the Consortium’s capabilities in fundraising and market entry, and particularly in assisting early-stage teams and idea-holders focused on rebuilding Ukraine, as evidenced by flagship programmes like the EIT Jumpstarter.

What are the benefits to EIT Health and its Partners?

The UASEEDs project offers EIT Health and its Partners valuable insights into emerging healthcare solutions, fostering collaborations and potential investments.

It also serves as a strategic avenue for EIT Health and its Partners to actively contribute to healthcare innovation, gain exposure to cutting-edge developments, and strengthen their collaborative networks, reinforcing their leadership role in the European healthcare ecosystem.

Who might be interested in UASEEDs?

This project is particularly appealing to Ukrainian innovative tech companies, including start-ups and scale-ups, working on pioneering solutions, services, or products, especially those committed to civil applications, seeking to expand their footprint in the European Innovation Ecosystem and contribute to European collaborative initiatives.

To qualify for funding, it is crucial that the business model and growth strategy demonstrate a European dimension, showcasing the ability to enhance the presence of Ukrainian start-ups in the European Innovation Ecosystem and their prospective participation in EIC calls.

Eligible entities must be registered in Ukraine or have relocated to one of the Member States of the European Union and its Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) or Horizon Europe Associated Countries after 24 February 2022. Additionally, companies must have at least one founder or co-founder working full time, and a founder, co-founder, or top manager holding Ukrainian citizenship.

Current Open Calls

The project launch on 24 January 2024, was also the official launch of open calls for proposals in five different programmes that could lead up to €60,000 in total grant:

  1. Business and Innovation Services – UP TO 10K€ EACH, Cut-off date: 20 February 2024
  2. Innovative Entrepreneurship – UP TO 25K€, Cut-off date: 25 March 2024
  3. Deep tech incubation – UP TO 25K€, Cut-off date: 25 March 2024
  4. Rebuilding Ukraine – UP TO 25K€, Cut-off date: 25 March 2024
  5. DeepTech Scale-Up and Acceleration – UP TO 50K€, Cut-off date: 25 March 2024

Where can I find more information?

The project website has more detailed information and access to applications.

Learn more about the support programme calls.

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