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EIT Health UK-Ireland Partners involved in 15 Campus activities

16th July 2019

Imperial College London is particularly active

With the recent selection of two UK-Ireland Summer Schools (the EIT Health Active Ageing Oxford Summer School 2018 led by the University of Oxford, and ISAX’s EPIcenter:

EntrePreneurship, and Innovation summer school on healthy living and happy ageing), the total involvement of UK-Ireland partners in Campus projects stands at 15. This comprises programmes aimed at training students (DPhil/PhD Transition Fellowships, the SensUS competition, the i-Days, and CEMACUBE), a range of healthcare executive education programmes (CCENTRE, SEP GHIM, Intrapreneur Master Class, EITHIEN, CRISH-2, and CARE Campus), training for Entrepreneurs and innovators (E-Labs and MAPS), and citizen engagement (P-PALS).

Imperial College London’s 2018 Campus pillar activities involve:

  • The university is partnering on CRISH-2 (Co-cReating Innovative Solutions for Health 2.0) – a Campus project coordinated by Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.
  • CampusI-Days programme (Innovation Days), encouraging and promoting health innovation amongst students in multidisciplinary teams to tackle real-life health challenges.
  • Scaling up the 2017 SensUs Innovators programme.
  • Professor Lefkos Middleton is leading the 2018 CARE (Caregiving and Ageing Reimagined for Europe) Campus project, expanding, validating, and launching the carer’s training program developed in 2017.

The London-based university is also participating in a number of training networks, all coordinated by IESE Business School, such as:

  • EITHiEN (the EIT Health Innovation Educators Network) a network to create a community among EIT Health Innovation educators.
  • WE Health network (Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Health Innovation) aiming to raise awareness of the under-representation of women among health entrepreneurs and to generate new innovative ideas towards a more balanced EIT Health Community.
  • SEP GHIM (Senior Executive Programme for Global Health Innovation Management) aiming to enhance the innovation capacity of the global health innovator, by providing capacity building specifically tailored to their needs.

Finally, the university is continuing its collaboration with KTH Royal Institute of Technology, participating in the EIT Health Innovation Fellowships Network that unites three health innovation fellowships programs across three CLCs.

Imperial College Health Partners, on the other hand, is launching the EIT Health Intrapreneur Master Class, aiming to take the existing principles and share them with senior healthcare leaders and clinicians to embed innovation culture and make the participants’ organisations more receptive to innovation.

ISAX (Ireland Smart Ageing Exchange) starts its first project with the “Citizen Health Data – Managing my own health data” Campus project led by Universidad Politecnica de Madrid where citizens are taught how to adopt active roles and become essential players in managing their own health data, including dietary habits, physical exercise, activity log, self-generated observations, and other types of lifestyle information for increased impact of clinical care. The smart ageing network is also participating, alongside the University of Oxford, in the E-Labs Starter-Lab Network programme with aims to spread and integrate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship through the exchange of knowledge and best-practices among EIT Health partners.

Newcastle University is participating in the “CCentre-A narrative approach to improve citizens’ ageing and well-being” Campus programme coordinated by the University of Barcelona. The project provides an innovative educational course for healthcare service providers based on older citizen’s personal stories being delivered in a narrative format.

EU Health MAPS II – Market Access for PartnerS – is a Campus project led by Oxford University Hospital (AHSN) that addresses the challenge of bringing new innovations into healthcare systems.

CEMACUBE is an EIT labelled Campus MSc degree programme formed by six universities, including Trinity College Dublin, and coordinated by Groningen University, that joined forces in training students in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Biomedical Engineering. In the P-Pals (People with intellectual disabilities as Physical Activities Leaders) Campus project, Trinity College Dublin is developing a programme empowering and prompting older adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) to take a leadership role in promoting physical activity among their peers.

For any further enquiries contact:

Roberta Giammaria,

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