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European Health Catapult Biotech Semifinal Winners selected

16th August 2019

Seven start-ups will pitch at the EIT Health Summit

The first of the three European Health Catapult (EHC) Semifinals took place in Leuven, Belgium on 24-26 September 2018. A total of 13 exceptional biotech start-ups participated in a two-day intensive training aimed at strengthening their value proposition and improving their pitching skills.

On the third day, which was combined with the EIT Health Investor Forum, the EHC start-ups gave a pitch in front of an investor jury.

In total, the Biotech Catapult Semifinalists asked for approximately €75 million for future investments. In the afternoon, Rising Food Star, from the EIT Food and RegMed start-ups, also gave a pitch in front of an investor panel.

The EHC investor jury selected seven biotech start-ups to go through to the finals of the European Health Catapult competition which will be held during the EIT Health Summit on 3-5 December 2018, in Lodz, Poland.

There they will be joined by MedTech and Digital Health start-ups and all the finalists will pitch their innovations to compete for recognition, the attention of investors and prizes worth a total of €135 000.

EIT Health Investor Forum:

This was the first Investor Forum and it was well received by investors and start-ups. The investors got the chance to see more than 20 pre-selected start-ups and the start-ups could easily set up meetings with many investors. The event was jointly hosted by EIT Health and EIT Food and set another step forward in our journey to innovate together in the health and food arena in Europe.

The 2018 BIOTECH EHC Semifinal winners:

Digital Test Tube Limited (EIT Health UK-Ireland): The World’s First Integrated PCR Software Solution – Digital Test Tube (DTT) is the world’s first integrated PCR software solution that will change the status quo of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) testing market. PCR is the principal technique used in DNA analysis for medical, forensic & food safety applications. DTT makes PCR laboratory workflows 20 times more accurate and saves 35-60% of time per experiment, by automating and offering faster throughput on existing laboratory information systems. DTT achieves this through the use of pattern recognition software for the automated labeling & analysis of photographic results. We are looking to raise €1M seed funding to expand our portfolio of users in the food diagnostics and R&D sectors.

Gedea Biotech AB (EIT Health Scandinavia): An antibiotic-free and safe treatment of vaginal infections – Gedea Biotech develops a safe and antibiotic-free treatment of vaginal infections, affecting most women. It is dually efficient against both pathogenic bacteria and fungi. In addition, it restores normal vaginal pH and removes biofilm, which is important for achieving a long-lasting effect and prevent recurrence. Gedea’s innovative research is paving the way for new therapeutic possibilities in the treatment of vaginal infections, while reducing the problem of antimicrobial resistance. The product is to be launched as an OTC medical device in collaboration with a pharmaceutical company in 2019/2020.

KYME NANOIMAGING S.R.L. (EIT Health Innostars): Prophetic Nanoimaging for Well-Being – KYME NANOIMAGING produces injectable medical products for Magnetic Resonance Imaging by combining biomaterials with clinically used Contrast Agents (Cas) through a patented nanotechnology platform based on the Microfluidics, which allows a scalable, controllable and continuous production at low cost. KYME formulation guarantees unique properties: the enhancement of the performances of Cas up to 12 times and the improvement of safety for patients. The products aim to make visible anatomical details otherwise not appreciable consequently, ensuring better diagnosis, reducing side effects and widening the range of treatable patients.

LIfT BioSciences Ltd (EIT Health UK-Ireland): The world’s first cell bank of ‘cancer killing neutrophils’ – LIfT Biosciences Ltd is a Immuno-Oncology Cell Therapy Biotech start-up bringing a first-in-class ATMP to market. Our vision is to develop the world’s first cell bank of ‘cancer killing neutrophils’ to deliver a portfolio of immuno-oncology cell therapies for all solid tumours. LIfT has already shown 40-80% solid tumour necrosis in an FDA approved small study. LIfT BioSciences stunned the world as they produced N-LIfT: ‘The World’s First Ever Neutrophils Ex-vivo from stem cells to Demonstrate Super Cancer Killing Ability’, and was given first-in-class status by the EMA as an ATMP. N-LIfT is a potentially patented, scalable product that destroys tumours that other therapies cannot.

Sinntaxis AB (EIT Health Scandinavia): Developing the first medical therapy restoring functional abilities after stroke – Stroke affects about 17M individuals annually but no drug therapy exists. Less than 15% of stroke patients get thrombolysis but all could be treated with a recovery-enhancing drug. Many stroke survivors suffer lifelong disability, costing society about USD 100 000 per year. Sinntaxis has patented and validated mGluR5 NAMs preclinically in stroke recovery, a class of molecules with ample safety data from trials in other brain conditions, and will start a PII stroke recovery trial in 2019. Sinntaxis management has vast experience in CNS R&D and BD and has an established global network of Key Opinion Leaders.

Synmabtix BV (EIT Health BeNe): Developing immune modulating therapeutic antibody leads – Synmabtix develops antibody-based drugs for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases, based on knowledge of the innate immune system. Synmabtix develops antibody leads that activate the brake on ongoing inflammatory processes, central in chronic inflammatory diseases. Synmabtix business model is focused on developing multiple antibody leads up to clinical proof of concept (Phase II clinical trials) after which the product will be partnered with Big Pharma. Antibody based drugs are broadly used in the treatment of cancer and inflammatory conditions and provide huge value potential. Synmabtix is a joint venture of Radboud University Medical Center & Maastricht University.

SyNoesis Therapeutics Ltd. (EIT Health Innostars): A novel multi-acting drug for curing Parkinson’s disease and other major brain diseases – SyNoesis Therapeutics is a start-up biotech with the vision to cure Parkinson’s disease (PD) and other major brain diseases. We aim to capitalise on the potential of a new therapeutic we have patented for PD to be further developed towards being successful in clinical trials and become the first drug to cure it. The therapeutic covers remarkably the major unmet needs of PD in several mouse models and has drug-like properties. We filed a PCT application and we are expressed funding interest by big pharmas. Importantly, we have shown that the therapeutic efficacy of our compound also applies to other major brain diseases. We are currently filing two new PCT applications.

About European Health Catapult:

The EHC is a training and competition programme, jointly organised by EIT Health. It awards the best-of-the-best business concepts from MedTech, Biotech and Digital Health across Europe.

During the two-day Semifinals, 42 European high-profile health start-ups are teamed up with mentors (i.e. experienced entrepreneurs, investors, experts in the field) to optimise the companies’ business plan and provide intensive pitch training in order to improve the start-ups’ ability to perform a funding roadshow in front of top-level seed or A series Investors. The Semifinal is closed during the third day of a public event when the start-ups will meet investors and industry representatives and seven of them will be selected to participate in the EHC Finals during the EIT Health Summit in December 2018.

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