European Health Catapult: France selections

24th June 2019

On 23 May 2019, EIT Health France organised a public pitching contest for the Regional Selections of the European Health Catapult programme where the best French start-ups in each category (Medtech, Biotech and Digital Health) pitched their business before the audience and our jury of experts. The six selected start-ups will be going to the European semi-finals in the fall of 2019.

Our jury of experts was composed of 7 members in charge of selecting the 6 finalists that will be able to pass to the semi-final round. Amongst them were business experts, investors and EIT Health Partners:

  • Alain Clergeot, from Genopole
  • Franck Le Meur, from Techtomed
  • Jeanne Gatto, from Baxter
  • Katherine Wong Selz, from Chausson Finance
  • Luc Mercken, from Angels Santé
  • Sandra Kanani, Business Expert
  • Thierry Sarda, from Angels Santé

After the pitch session, Alain Pujol from Angels Santé, introduced the EIT Health Investors Network. This programme aims at connecting European health-oriented investors and promising start-ups to encourage cross-border financing and co-investments. He highlighted the possibilities which the programme offers each of the involved parties.

The event ended with a networking cocktail where start-ups were able to meet jury members and experts. With more than 50 people attending the regional selection, this event was a remarkable success for the EIT Health France team.

The 11 start-ups who participated in this pitch contest were:

Inorevia (Biotech)

Inorevia develops and commercializes a new generation of lab instruments for biology and medecine, that involves breakthrough patented technologies to miniaturize reactional volumes, hence drastically reducing costs, time and manipulation necessary to perform next-generation bioassays and precision medicine.

Sparing Vision (Biotech)

SparingVision is a biotechnology company focused on the discovering and development of an innovative, therapeutic approach for treatment of blinding inherited retinal diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa.

Boarding Ring (Medtech)

Boarding Ring developed an innovative and smart solution: the patented medical device Boarding Glasses is filled with a blue liquid. In response to the accelerations of the vehicle, the liquid moves around the eyes in the frontal and sagittal direction.

Fasteesh (Medtech)

Fasteesh has developed a dental-care device which makes it possible to brush teeth and dentures efficiently, easily and in 10 seconds only to improve dental hygiene for the dependent and elderly people who suffer from nutrition and health quality issues.

Hyprevention (Medtech)

Development of the unique STRUTPLASTY surgical technique to reinforce fragile bone thanks to a polymer implant combined with bone cement.  STRUTPLASTY is indicated to reinforce osteoporotic bone and bone metastasis due to some cancer.

LumediX (Medtech)

Development of functionalized luminescent nanoparticles for bioanalytical and in vitro diagnostic applications. The proprietary nanoparticles used provide users with the capacity to radically increase immunoassay sensitivity.

PKvitality (Medtech)

PK has developed and patented K’Watch Glucose, a minimally invasive glucose self-monitoring system in the shape of a smartwatch. The innovative technology measures glucose levels in the skin’s interstitial fluid, without painful blood-sampling. Glucose levels are measured with just a press, with high accuracy.

Doctoconsult (Digital Health)

Doctoconsult develops innovating digital solutions in the mental health field by offering to patients a telemedicine platform that eases access to a large panel of practitioners and a medical app that gives proactive support between two consultations and at the same time collects information to give reliable, in real-life and continuous data to practitioners.

Healthy Mind (Digital Health)

A software solution containing 3D visual and auditory experiences to effectively alleviate pain and anxiety of patients.

inHeart (Digital Health)

inHEART provides the Google Maps for cardiologists that transforms patient cardiac images into a personalised digital 3D map of their heart that contains the localisation of abnormal tissues, so that cardiologists can better plan and guide interventions.

Life Plus (Digital Health)

Life Plus has created a medical smart watch and is developing machine-learning algorithm for automatic data analysis to monitor safe return at home after hospitalization. This feature targets patients treated with outpatient or extensive surgery and specific population like people aged over 65.

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Ipshita Singh,

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