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Forty-two start-ups chosen for European Health Catapult Semifinals

14th August 2019

They will pitch for a chance to compete at the EIT Health Summit

Shown are scenes from a few of the regional contests that were held to pick the European Health Catapult Semifinalists.

EIT Health Business Creation Managers on 12 July 2018 announced the 42 start-ups that have been chosen through regional pre-selection to compete in the three European Health Catapult Semifinals.


The semifinals will be held in the following places, on the following dates:

  • Biotech: Leuven, Belgium, 24-26 September 2018
  • Medtech: Grenoble, France, 1-3 October 2018
  • Digital Health: Erlangen, Germany, 8-10 October 2018

The European Health Catapult is a training and competition programme that boosts the development of European health start-ups by exposing them to top quality experts and international investors. Dozens of start-ups compete for the opportunity to enter the finals, to be held at the EIT Health Summit in Lodz, Poland, 4-5 December 2018. Besides the chance to win prize money at the EIT Health Summit, participating companies have the possibility to mature their business plan, negotiation and pitching skills, and to learn from experts during training days, withother startups from all over Europe.

The European Health Catapult programme is organized by EIT Health with the support of Health Axis Europe.

The 42 Semifinalists:


  • AptaTargets: Immune modulator for acute treatment of stroke
  • Aquarray: Novel highly miniaturized biochemical and cell based screenings
  • Cambridge Oncometrix: Cost-effective early detection of prostate cancer
  • Digital Test Tube: The World’s First Integrated PCR Software Solution
  • FreeOx Biotech: Oxidative Stress and New Neuroprotective Agents
  • Gedea Biotech: An antibiotic-free and safe treatment of vaginal infections
  • KYME NANOIMAGING: Prophetic Nanoimaging for Well-Being
  • LIfT BioSciences: The world’s first cell bank of ‘cancer killing neutrophils’
  • Nanoligent: Self-assembling protein nanoparticle that selectively kills metastatic cells
  • Pharmgenomics: The World’s first affordable stool-based tumor DNA colorectal cancer (CRC) screening test
  • Sinntaxis: Developing the first medical therapy restoring functional abilities after stroke
  • Smart Immune: A platform to regenerate your immune system
  • Synmabtix: Developing immune modulating therapeutic antibody leads
  • SyNoesis: A novel multi-acting drug to cure Parkinson’s disease and other major brain diseases

Digital Health:

  • Consense Data: One-stop-shop for informed consent in medical research
  • Omnibus: AI-based digital therapeutics for developmental and neurocognitive disorders
  • FeetMe: Improve mobility outcomes and home rehabilitation through smart active wearable technology
  • iBreve: The wearable that helps people with stress, anxiety and chronic respiratory diseases by analyzing breathing patterns
  • Kinesis Health Technologies: Proven tools for falls risk assessment
  • Mindpax: Developing a monitoring system to predict severe mental health attacks
  • Minnity: Enabling professional caregivers to deliver individualized care to every caretaker with the help of a smartphone
  • MyBasePair: Sells customized DNA-tests for the Health, Fitness and Beauty industries
  • NeuroPsyAI: Precision in Neuropsychiatry
  • Sleepiz: Non-contact clinical grade home diagnosis of sleep apnea
  • WeFight: A virtual companion addressing fears and concerns of patients with chronic disease
  • Yapili: Delivering Health@Hand across Africa


  • ADmit Therapeutics: IVD test for early Alzheimer’s disease (AD) detection, based on blood epigenetic biomarkers
  • Aenitis: Continuous, contactless and pressureless sorting of cells in suspensions
  • Biopromic: Working to change the future of rapid, point-of-care diagnostics for the detection of infectious diseases
  • GlyCardial Diagnostics: Developing a novel in vitro diagnostic (IVD) test for the detection of ApoJ-Glyc blood levels for the
  • early diagnosis of cardiac ischemia
  • HydrUStent: Biodegradable, anti-bacterial and tailor-made ureteral stent
  • Inga Wellbeing: Comfortable, dignified clothing to empower patients and promote a faster recovery
  • Kirubotics Surgical Solutions: Universalizing Robotic Surgery: Laparoscopic Robotic Surgical System for Minimal Invasive
  • Surgery (MIS) for Pelvic and Abdominal procedures
  • Latch Medical: Rapid, robust, reliable and readily reversible catheter securement
  • Medical Magnesium: Developing the next generation of implants
  • Neurallys: Providing a new life to patients with hydrocephalus
  • PlasmaCure: Healing chronic wounds and preventing from amputation
  • Ri.Te: Cost-effective PET scanners for training and medical research
  • Sensars: Restoring limb functionalities to people affected by extremities amputation or nerve damages
  • Suturion: Developing and evaluating a sewing machine for long surgical suture lines
  • TADAMedical: No more patient injuries caused by dislodged medical tubes
  • VitaDX: Innovative medical device for early bladder cancer diagnosis

About the Semifinals

In each semifinal a two-day training and selection event will take place, where participating startups will be teamed up with mentors (i.e. experienced entrepreneurs, investors, experts in the field) to strengthen the company’s value proposition. Mentors will review and potentially optimise the company business plan and provide intensive pitch training in order to improve the start-up’s ability to perform a funding roadshow in front of top-level seed or A series Investors.

At a one-day expo (immediately following the training and selection days), all participants will pitch in front of a jury and audience of market experts and investors. The top companies per category (21 in total) will be selected and invited to pitch in Lodz at the EIT Health Summit 2018. The seven finalists of each category have their the chance to win prize money: First prize is €20 000; Second prize is €15 000; and Third Prize is €10 000.

Click here to learn more about the European Health Catapult programme.

For any further enquiries about the European Health Catapult programme contact:

  • Anna Badurska,
  • Marco Wendel,
  • Birgit Rogell,

Investors interested in the European Health Catapult, please contact: Caroline A. Saï,

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