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Highlights on Living lab event in Paris

16th July 2019

French ecosystem discusses developments

EIT Health France, in collaboration with INSERM and AP-HP, organised on 1 December in Paris a full day Living Lab event, a new approach to support the innovation processes in health and healthcare sectors.

Citizen participation is becoming more and more important and has influence in policy decisions. Our French ecosystem was wondering how health innovation would be affected. Many questions arise with the emergence of new regulations on innovation (on medtech fields for example).

The objective of the event was try to answer problems that numbers of structure arise:

  • Is there emerging a development of new technologies through these participatory approaches?
  • Should we the appropriation of innovation by users be encouraged?
  • What is the real place of users in the evaluation of these innovations?

During the event has been brought together our ecosystem to address the operational aspects of implementing these participatory approaches.

During the he pitch session, the speakers presented their structure, their project, their solutions, their start-ups and gave a panorama that led understand what is a living lab and what kind of project are there.

Two Round Tables with experts (from living lab structure, policy makers, patient’s association) tried to identify the limits and improvement of the citizen engagement in health technologies.

These experts and EIT Health France partners gathered their knowledge and insights during these two Round Tables discussion:

Many experts, and a lot of EIT Health partner were involved in this event:

First Round Table:

  • Anne-Sophie RIGAUD – AP-HP, Paris-Descartes University
  • Robert PICARD – Forum LLSA
  • Myriam LEGOFF – Institut Mines telecom Atlantique (IMT)
  • Nathalie DELORME – Public Investment Bank (BPI France)
  • Jacques DUCHENE – University of Technology of Troyes

Second Round Table:

  • Hervé MICHEL – MADoPA
  • Monique EPSTEIN – E-senior
  • Isabelle DUFOUR – Gérond’if
  • Bernadette DORIZZI – Télécom SudParis
  • Mohammed CHETOUANI – UPMC

More than 80 people highly interested in the subject attended the event, a lot of start-ups had the opportunity to discover what is a living lab with EIT Health France partners like INSERM, APHP, Forum LLSA, IMT, MadoPa, E-Senior, UPMC and promote fruitful exchanges between them.

EIT Health Living Lab Project

The event was an opportunity to present the EIT Health Living Lab & Test Beds platform, presented by Cecilia Vera Munoz from TUM (Technical University of Madrid) partner of EIT Health Spain.

This project aims to create a European Living Labs network that will allow:

  • To offer the best matchmaking with start-ups to offer the best fit with their core business;
  • To get insights based on Living Labs expertise in each Living Lab and test Bed;
  • To propose tailored services offering to enhance innovation and achieve the best product-market fit;
  • To create a strong network covering different specialization areas across Europe;

There are already 80 Living labs part of the EIT Health network and among them, 15 are French Living Labs:

  • MADoPA Ceremh
  • StreetLab Gazelle test bed
  • cLLAPs Kyomed
  • Evalab Evident
  • Broca Living Lab Living Lab BePatient
  • E-care Living lab Médialis
  • E-senior PTL

This is a great opportunity to be part of a solid network and build new innovation projects by joining EIT Health Living Lab-Test bed Project.

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