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Interview: A HelloAI Summer School student shares his experience

15th August 2019

Guillaume Rollin, a French young physician, participated in all three HelloAI sessions and shares his experience

The Hello AI Summer School – Healthcare UPgraded – role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Upgraded – aimed to prepare the upcoming generation for the wide-spread implementation of AI. Students from very different backgrounds learned the value of adapting to AI, rather than fearing it. In this interview Guillaume Rollin will explain what this three times three day training in Hungary, Sweden and Spain has brought him.


Q: Guillaume, could you first tell us who you are, your background ?

A: I am a MD in Internal Medicine. I did my residency with a double orientation in Infectious and Tropical Diseases and in Critical Care in APHP, a French EIT Health Partner. I was also the co-founder of La Consult’, a non-profit association that promotes exchanges between patients and health professionals with start-up creators in the field of Health Tech.

The objective of La Consult’ is twofold:

  • enable entrepreneurs and associations to obtain advice from their future users from an early stage of project development.
  • offer healthcare professionals and patients the opportunity to discover the French Health Tech ecosystem.

I am just starting an MBA at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business for two years.

Q: What motivated you to apply for the three Summer School sessions?

A: I registered at the last minute and had the pleasure of being accepted. These sessions allowed us to deepen the technical applications of AI in image recognition, and to build an entrepreneurship project in small groups. The courses brought together people from very different backgrounds: entrepreneurs who wanted to know more about the basic techniques of AI, health professionals who explained the needs in the field and AI experts.

The training was held in a great setting in the three locations (Budapest, Stockholm and Barcelona). Everyone came with different skills and expectations.

Q: What are the strengths of this Summer School for you?

A: Interdisciplinarity has been very positive to enrich exchanges and experiences through mixing populations to increase the richness of projects. I became aware of the richness of the skills. This is a key issue in building a team. I still measure the strength of a network.

Three key words to describe this experience: enriching, multidisciplinary, exchanges!

EIT Health Partners implementing the HelloAI Summer School are:

  • GE Healthcare
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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