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Interviews: Alumni Networking@Frontiers Health Conference 2018, where health meets innovation

21st August 2018

EIT Health Alumni share their experiences

 EIT Health Alumni Network

The EIT Health Alumni Network partnered up with the Frontiers Health conference, 15-16 November in Berlin, a gathering designed to provide a unique platform to learn, exchange and get inspired on the topics of digital disruption and technologies in healthcare. In September, we launched a call for our Alumni: The most motivated of our alumni would win a total of five conference passes. Here are some personal impressions from our Alumni winners.


”When arriving at Funkhaus Berlin, an historical building on the banks of the River Spree the idea the event will be unforgettable is not a premise but already a reality.

The conference started with an inspiring and at the same time entertaining video mentioning the major topics that will change healthcare in the upcoming years.”

Lights on! The event is about to start!

The CEO of Frontiers Conferences, Matteo Penzo, along with Roberto Ascione (CEO of Healthware International, co-host of the event) explained the philosophy beyond the event: create a unique platform where cutting edge startups, companies and VCs get to know each other.

It is time for the first talk. Andrew Thompson CEO of Proteus Health is on the stage.

Thomson while showing how digital medicine works (medicine + wearable sensor + App + Platform), crunches some data regarding the effectiveness of this breakthrough in pharmacology: “Digital Medicine are twice as effective as Regular Meds”

The conference goes on with dozens of talk with though international digital health leaders, with in-depth talks and workshops regarding almost everything involving healthcare innovation and with different standpoints of view.

Frontiers Health is a truly immersive experience. At the beginning of the Conference, Penzo (the CEO of Frontiers) stated: “One attendee of the past edition told me that it takes him two weeks to digest the amount of information you have in the conference”.

So true!

The Conference has been a unique opportunity that EIT Health Alumni gave me. As a Digital Health enthusiast It has been the right place to find out the latest trends of this field and get in touch with people working into healthcare innovation.

Frontiers Health gave me a lot: first of all new EIT Health Alumni Friends I met a the conference. Moreover I found a supervisor for my thesis in Innovation Management focusing on healthcare technology innovation using the Biodesign method.

Last but not least I met Daniel Kendall, the editor and host of my favourite digital health podcast!


”I have to send many thanks to the EIT Health Alumni Network for giving me the opportunity to attend Frontiers Health conference. For a young entrepreneur like me, this was truly a great opportunity to mingle with industry experts, explore cooperation possibilities with established companies and hear about the promising future of digital health.

After being exposed to the many exciting developments in healthcare, I am even more inspired to join the fight for more sustainable care and better lives for all patients. Thanks once again.”


”The Frontiers Health Conference was a great opportunity to learn and discover a lot about future innovation across healthcare! For me as a nutritionist it was a unique experience, especially due to the fact that during one event I’ve met a lot of inspiring people (including our great EIT Health Alumni Friends) and I’ve listened to even more breathtaking speakers!


The main added value to this event was that I could observe and learn how we can translate the patients needs and science into new technology! Thanks EIT Health Alumni for this opportunity!  I really recommend this event to all EIT Health Alumni folks, who need to be inspired even more and who look for new contacts within industry.”

“One attendee of the past edition told me that it takes him two weeks to digest the amount of information you have in the conference”.

Matteo Penzo, CEO of Frontiers

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