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‘Meet the Team’ – Patrick Reidy

18th December 2023

In this edition of our ‘Meet the Team’ series, we interview Patrick Reidy, who joined us as Collaboration Lead, in October. Before joining EIT Health Ireland-UK, Patrick was Executive Director of the ENABLE Research Programme, funded by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), hosted at Trinity College Dublin. Patrick has held management positions in both national and international markets, working with several Irish SMEs and a large UK-based corporation.  

Read on as Patrick shares how his previous diverse management roles have shaped his approach to healthcare collaboration, and find out his strategic vision for fostering innovation and partnerships in his role with EIT Health. 

Q1. Tell us about your experience as Executive Director of the ENABLE Research Programme and how it has shaped your approach to collaborative initiatives in the health sector?  

I had the privilege of being part of ENABLE, a national programme funded by SFI and Industry partners aimed at addressing global challenges faced by communities, such as the strain on resources and infrastructure in cities, through the application of enabling technologies. This experience has profoundly shaped my approach to collaborative initiatives in the health sector. ENABLE was strategically designed to foster collaboration across multiple disciplines, employing a quadruple helix approach. This approach involved active engagement with partners from industry, academia, government, and citizens, recognising the diverse perspectives and expertise needed to tackle complex challenges.  

This collaborative ethos mirrors EIT Health’s knowledge triangle, acknowledging the interconnectedness of research, education, and business in fostering innovation. Overall, my experience with ENABLE has ingrained in me the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation, drawing on strengths across the ecosystem to create meaningful and sustainable solutions to complex health challenges. 

Q2. How has your diverse experience influenced your perspective on collaboration within the healthcare industry, especially in the context of EIT Health?  

In today’s interconnected healthcare landscape, particularly in areas like the supply chain where numerous startups and SMEs contribute solutions to larger multinationals, collaboration has become a linchpin. This dynamic environment demands input from a diverse array of stakeholders. I have witnessed the power of synergy when different entities, each bringing its expertise to the table, work collectively to address challenges. Whether at the national or international level, fostering collaboration is crucial for driving innovation, sharing best practices, and ultimately improving patient outcomes. 

Q3. As the Collaboration Lead at EIT Health Ireland-UK, what are your key priorities in managing the local network, and how do you plan to build and strengthen relationships with new and existing partners? 

As the Collaboration Lead at EIT Health Ireland-UK, my primary focus is on fostering a robust and dynamic local network to drive innovation and collaboration within the healthcare sector in Ireland & the UK.  Our aim is to create a collaborative and inclusive environment within the local network. This involves facilitating platforms for knowledge exchange, encouraging cross-disciplinary interactions, and promoting a culture of open innovation. 

Overall, my strategy is rooted in proactive engagement, effective communication, and a commitment to understanding and meeting the diverse needs of our partners. By building and strengthening relationships, I intend to position EIT Health as a key player in driving healthcare innovation in the Ireland-UK region. 

Q4. What is your vision for collaboration within EIT Health Ireland-UK and how you aim to contribute to its mission of driving innovation and improving healthcare outcomes? 

In leading collaboration efforts at EIT Health Ireland-UK, my vision is centred on creating a vibrant ecosystem where innovation thrives, and partnerships flourish to collectively enhance healthcare outcomes. I see collaboration as the cornerstone of achieving EIT Health’s mission. 

First and foremost, by breaking down silos and promoting knowledge exchange, we can harness the collective intelligence of diverse stakeholders to address complex healthcare challenges, I aim to forge strategic partnerships with key players in the healthcare ecosystem, including industry leaders, academic institutions, government bodies, and healthcare providers.  

I see technology as a powerful enabler of innovation. Integrating digital health solutions, data analytics, and emerging technologies will be a challenge, however, with the input of multidisciplinary partners we are better placed to step up to this challenge. 

Q5. In your opinion, what are some of the key opportunities and challenges in the current health innovation ecosystem, and how does EIT Health position itself to address them? 

In the current health innovation ecosystem, several key opportunities and challenges shape the landscape. Some key opportunities are based around the following areas: 

  1. Technological Advancements 
  2. Cross-Sector Collaboration
  3. Patient-Centric Innovations 
  4. Data Utilisation 

with some of the key challenges outlined below: 

  1. Regulatory Complexity
  2. Integration of Innovations
  3. Access to Funding
  4. Health Inequalities

I believe EIT Health’s strategic approach to collaboration, innovation, and its emphasis on addressing real-world challenges position it as a key player in advancing the health innovation ecosystem.

If your organisation is interested in becoming an EIT Health partner, or to find out more about our flagship call, get in touch with Patrick:

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