Six visionary start-ups selected for Gold Track

9th October 2020

Promising companies receive mentoring to go global

Six promising healthcare start-ups have proven the viability of their innovations and business plans in a competitive EIT Health Gold Track workshop ending on 8 October 2020. These start-ups have been selected to receive individualised and tailored mentoring by industry giants, to support them in achieving commercial success.

The EIT Health Gold Track programme identifies healthcare start-ups with the greatest potential to significantly scale their innovations and helps these start-ups to achieve their business goals against an accelerated timeline. Selected companies spend up to a year working with handpicked mentors, who are industry experts, successful entrepreneurs and seasoned investors.

The journey

Start-ups that are invited to apply to Gold Track workshop pitch to the programme’s Expert Council and compete by convincing at least one council member to commit to mentoring them. Once committed, the Expert Council members work with the company to assess the start-up’s current status, identify gaps and set priorities. Start-ups commit to achieving ambitious milestones with the continuous support of their dedicated mentor. At the end of each work phase, start-ups report back to the Gold Track Expert Council to discuss achievements, adjust goals and assess eligibility to progress to the next phase of support. Start-ups that prove their potential can undergo as many as three phases of goal-oriented mentorship, for a total of one year of Gold Track support.

Successful start-ups

The start-ups selected to return for the next Gold Track stage are:

Biograil (Denmark): Developing an oral delivery technology to replace injections through a device that fits into an ordinary sized capsule, to deliver active biologic substances into the gastrointestinal wall.

LenioBio (Germany): Promoting a proprietary cell-free protein production platform, ALiCE®, to significantly accelerate innovation cycles in the life science industry.

Phagomed (Austria): Creating a new generation of antibacterials by developing endolysins and phages as therapeutics.

SCARLETRED (Austria): Enabling high-quality remote skin imaging and analysis in a multitude of skin conditions with clinically validated software.

Teitur Trophics (Denmark): Helping brain cells by using peptides modulating novel pathways and addressing key pathologies in neurodegeneration.

Turbine (UK) Driving drug discovery with simulation, to deliver targeted cancer therapies to targeted patient populations.

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