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The French Selection winners of the 2018 Headstart Funding Programme

14th August 2019

The eleven start-ups will be able to develop their innovative ideas in the healthcare market

During two intensives days on 9-10 July, in the headquarters of EIT Health France, the representatives of 22 selected start-ups pitched their ideas in front of high-level experts represented by members partner enterprises and companies with experience in the development of start-ups.

We are now pleased to announce that eleven start-ups have been chosen as winners of the 2018 Headstart Funding Programme. All of these companies have a high business potential and impact on EIT Health priorities and challenges. We are happy to support them and welcome them into the EIT Health Network. Each of the teams will receive the €40 000 EIT Health Grant in the following months to support their innovative project.

They all will be invited to present their project progress before the end of the year during a local event in France with a new jury board. During that event, six teams will be selected and will receive €10 000 to finalise their project.

The selected start-ups during the French selection of the 2018 Headstart Funding Programme:

AP Advance – develops a patch-artificial pancreas gathering an interstitial glucose sensor, an innovative computing algorithm and an insulin pump into a light, affordable and wearable device for improved diabetes management. “We aim at restoring autonomy and insouciance for all insulin-requiring patients.”

ExactCure – a pioneer start-up offering a software solution to reduce the impact of inappropriate medications. Our Digital Twin simulates the efficacy and interactions of medicines in the body of a patient based on his/her personal characteristics. We help the patient to avoid under-doses, overdoses and drug interactions.

Fasteesh – Dental hygiene for the dependent and elderly people is bad, due to a lack of time and the correct technique from the caregivers, which leads to major health, nutrition and life quality issues for the patients. We have developed a dental-care device which makes it possible to brush teeth and dentures efficiently, easily and in ten seconds only.

FeetMe – Loss of mobility is a growing unmet medical need, 100 million people are suffering from mobility disorders worldwide. FeetMe Monitor is a connected insole and an associated mobile software that collects and analyses gait spatio-temporal parameters and variability in reallife thanks to embedded smart algorithms and wireless connection.

Idomed – While French aged dependant patients have growing difficulties to find general practioners who can come at home, idomed provides doctors and nurses with a solution to enable remote consultations between the nurse at the patient’s home and the doctor at his office.

Inorevia – Develops and commercialises a new generation of lab instruments for biology and medicine, that involves breakthrough patented technologies to miniaturise reactional volumes, hence drastically reducing costs, time and manipulation necessary to perform next-generation bioassays and precision medicine.

Life Plus – Has created a medical smart watch and is developing a machine-learning algorithm for automatic data analysis to monitor safe return at home after hospitalisation. This feature targets patients treated with outpatient or extensive surgery and specific population, like people aged over 65.

PANDA GUIDE – Make use of augmented reality to revolutionise the autonomy of the blind, through immersive educative experiences.

SameSame – Develops “Gong” a communication mobile application for people with aphasia after a stroke. Overnight they can’t speak, write or read anymore, our solution is based on images, by tapping on pictures patient make the tablet pronounce the words and recreate the communication with the environment, thus improving autonomy and wellness.

Sinnovial – The SinnoTest device will be a personalised medicine-software platform focused on improving the management of inflammatory diseases in rheumatology (rheumatoid arthritis, etc.). From a simple blood sample, the SINNOTEST will predict the effectiveness of a treatment before its prescription based on the analysis of specifics biomarkers of the patient.

Zeta Technologies – Reducing tinnitus with brain-controlled exercises using an EEG system.

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