11 March 2022

Reaching financial sustainability is required for all EIT-funded programs in the mid-long run. To contribute to this overall goal, the entrepreneurial education activities shall be transformed to attract funding from external sources. Therefore, EIT Health InnoStars aims to build up frameworks cooperations to sustain (or preferably extend) its entrepreneurial education activities even in the case of EIT Funding decreases, without compromising the original aim of the program of closing the skills gap between Emerging Europe and the leading innovation ecosystems and provide talents coming from this region real access to international opportunities.

Since 2019 several rounds of pilots with potential customers have been run to assess different financial sustainability models, and some co-funding has been attracted to the program in 2020-2021, respectively. Therefore, considering these conclusions, we would like to work out and set up a business model with packages and assure the legal setup for engaging business partners (including contract templates).

EIT Health Innostars is looking for legal support to advise the project team on identifying the best suitable business model and creating a scale-up strategy for the program, including developing contract templates.

Scope of work:

To screen the entrepreneurial education program and identify different business models to monetise the program (including direct delivery and licensing models) for scaling up financially viable and advisory on the best-fitting business model.

To apply please email your proposal to Ms Livia Papp, Finance Manager, innostars.procurement@eithealth.eu until 3.4.2022 23:59 CET 

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