1st April 2022

Call for three independent members of the EIT Health Supervisory Board

We are seeking the appointment of three new members for our Supervisory Board who are “independent”, meaning that they do not have any affiliation with our member organisations. Our Supervisory Board has a supervisory and non-operational function, overseeing our activities and monitoring the definition, approval and fulfilment of our Strategic Agenda. It appoints the CEO and COO and supervises their work. It discusses and approves strategic decisions, developed and proposed by the Strategic Management Team, which guide the organisation.

The Supervisory Board now wants to attract three additional independent members. Candidates with a passion for health innovation and entrepreneurship who are motivated to contribute to the transformation and sustainability of health systems across Europe are encouraged to apply. Learn more about this opportunity, understand the profile of our ideal candidates, and find out how to apply by clicking the button below. Applications close 15 May 2022.