Co-create EIT Health’s new deep tech venture builder programme


We’re looking for partners to co-create EIT Health’s new global venture builder programme that enables innovators with Intellectual Property (IP) in deep technology to evolve into founders of firmly established ventures. 

EIT Health is looking to co-create a programme that helps innovators in deep technology overcome the associated challenges with the so called “Valley of Death” (such as funding uncertainties, product development and feasibility and bureaucratic processes) and successfully turn their IPs into high performing ventures.  

The design of this programme is open: whilst we have completed initial research on the areas which might be most compelling for this target group, we are actively looking for suggestions for both the programme’s design and its components.  

The new programme could include, but is not limited to, a suite of educational modules, mentorship opportunities; and training and/or business building support in a wide span of areas from seed funding and financial support to patient centric design and market access – if your idea could help to de-risk early-stage investments in deep technology, we’d like to hear it.  

Play a part in informing, devising or building the deep tech venture builder programme and register your interest today on the link below or for more information on the different involvement opportunities, timelines and eligibility criteria please download our information guide

Register your interest now.

New deadline: 16:00 CET 28 March.  

What’s involved?

We have three options for you to collaborate with us on this exciting project with differing levels of engagement required:   

1 Participate in our survey – we are launching a survey in March to unlock the most relevant trends, challenges and opportunities for our venture builders and invite all interested organisations to take part.  

2 Join the programme design committee – we are looking for a group of collaborators to transform the insights gained from stage one into a full-fledged programme.  Partners will need to attend up to 3x in-person workshops hosted from April – June. Locations to be announced, all expenses covered.  

3 Deliver an activity by responding to our next call – once our programme design has been fully established, we’ll be launching a call asking for organisations to host and develop the specific components, bringing the concept to a reality.  

If you are interested in being involved in either option one or two, please express your interest by filling out our form. Option three will be announced later in the year.  

Why take part?

By working with us on the creation of the deep-tech venture builder you’ll have the chance to shape our innovators’ learning paths to be in line with real world needs, not only benefiting their growth but opening relevant collaboration opportunities for your organisations for the future.    

Who does this opportunity best suit?

Any organisation that has expertise or capabilities related to healthcare innovation and venture building. In particular we’d love to hear from academic and research institutions, healthcare industry experts, investment and funding institutions, clinical and regulatory professionals, educational and training institutions and post-incubation support providers. 

Our initial research identified more than 10 top topics of need for deep tech venture builders.  
We are not starting from scratch. In 2023, EIT Health ran a series of round tables in several representative geographies to illustrate the current landscape and identify gaps in the market. This assessment gave us the confidence and the validation of the appetite and readiness of the ecosystem to engage in an activity such as the Deep Tech Venture Builder. It also highlighted the following topics as most beneficial in helping start-ups to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities within the healthcare tech transfer industry:  

  • Strategic Guidance and Industry Insight 
  • Seed Funding and Financial Support 
  • Clinical Validation and Regulatory Assistance 
  • Mentorship from Healthcare Professionals 
  • Access to Healthcare Infrastructure 
  • Technology Development and Integration 
  • Market Access and Pilot Programmes 
  • Legal and Compliance Support 
  • Patient-Centric Design and User Experience 
  • Networking and Partnerships 
  • Educational Workshops and Training 
  • Post-Incubation Support  

If your organisation is an expert in any of these areas we’d love to hear from you.  

To find out more:
Please download our information guide which shares more details on eligibility criteria, timelines and involvement required.  

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Co-Location Center (CLC) / InnoStars to for further support in the preparation and submission of proposals.