Bridging biomarkers from the lab to the patient

The goal of this project is to validate an innovation called BMK tools®, which is designed to help all actors involved in in-vitro diagnostics to control and understand the different stages of the development of a biomarker, from the discovery phase to the market launch. BMK tools® is intended for use by all researchers seeking to develop biomarkers.

Biomarkers have a range of medical uses, including assessing the presence or progress of a disease and evaluting therapeutic options. By assisting in developing biomarkers, BMK tools® can have a positive impact on a broad range of healthcare innovation. The tool was created within the CVT Aviesan. Aviesan is a French national alliance for life sciences and health, with more than 20 members, including four EIT Health partners (CEA, INSERM, INRIA, IMT).

Within the framework of the project funded by EIT Health, three actors will validate the platform model from a business and impact point of view: EIT Health France; INSERM, for the academic side of the model; and BioMérieux, for the industrial side and the impact that this platform can have on the acquisition management of new biomarkers.

This project works to validate BMK tools®, so that the innovation can be used by researchers seeking to develop biomarkers.

The project includes three main phases:

  • Industrial insights, with BioMérieux analysing the impact of the platform on the existing process of managing new biomarkers. This phase will also include an analysis of the value of this platform from a business point of view, to develop a first draft of a business model.
  • The academic angle, led by INSERM, with validation of a platform accessible for researchers based on a “for-free” model. This includes communication of the platform, to feed it with biomarkers.
  • In parallel, there will be work on improvement of the platform, via a co-design approach with the different actors, in order to ensure a user-friendly platform that meets everyone’s needs.

The project will have a positive impact on:

  • The healthcare industry, by providing access to high-quality biomarkers that meet approved maturation protocol.
  • Researchers, by enhancing the value of their work and making it visible in the ecosystem.
  • Patients, by accelerating the launch of biomarkers on the market, enabling more personalised medicine.
Why this is an EIT Health project

This project is part of EIT Health’s objective to provide services that have an impact both for European citizens and for the EIT Health Partners themselves – including academic and non-academic Partners.

Ines Amado
| Tech Transfer Consortium | INSERM