COVID-19 Rapid Response Innovation Project


Improve Europe’s capacity to produce personal protective equipment

The challenge

The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 is creating sanitary challenges like never seen before. Until there is a vaccine or effective treatment, the use of masks and other types of personal protective equipment (PPE), is the best way to limit the spread of the virus circulation. The challenge is to maintain the supply of masks, which are often not made for reuse, as well as other PPE, such as face shields.

Additive Manufacturing, leveraging technologies such as 3D printing, could help to meet the demand for masks and other equipment, particularly in the case of reusable masks. However, we are faced with stark disparities across Europe in the standards and varieties of PPE and the coordination of regulatory certification.

The solution

A group of partners will work to design, develop and validate reusable masks that comply with EU specifications, making that design available for replication around Europe. The masks will meet quality standards in areas such as ergonomics, breathability and comfortable skin contact. The partners will also seek to design face shields that meet EU standards. The PPE created through this project will not receive a proprietary patent, and the digital designs will be shared widely, so that local Additive Manufacturers all over Europe can engage in production of high quality, reusable masks and face shields.

Expected impact

The immediate aims of the project are to reduce the pressure of the procurement of PPE by ensuring a greater supply of products that meet EU standards are widely available. Increased production will also reduce dependence on suppliers from outside Europe, as well as the use of PPE that does not meet European quality standards. Involving Additive Manufacturing suppliers means the current demand can be met without the need to scale up a new, dedicated industry, and it establishes a network of suppliers who can be called on in other emergencies.

All Partners

EIT Health Partners

  • Fundació Privada per la Recerca i la Docència Sant Joan de Déu
  • University of Barcelona

Linked third party

  • Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

External partners

  • Fundacion CIM
  • Barcelona Three Dimensional Printers SL
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| | Hospital Sant Joan de Déu