Self-management of mental and physical health

GRaCE-AGE is unique web-based software that helps older adults assess their own mental health and wellbeing at home, in collaboration with friends, family, carers, and clinicians.

It connects wearable and environmental sensors to the older adults’ own understanding of their mental health and wellbeing. Mental-health expertise built into GRaCE-AGE helps interpret the results to provide a “canopy of care” that involves monitoring and support of older adults, 24 hours a day.


GRaCE-AGE is psychologically valid, designed for use by people with or without any mental-health background. In addition to manual data input, GRaCE-AGE is connected to sensors will that enable autonomous monitoring of mental-health and well-being.

It facilitates shared decision making and co-creation of healthcare, which is achieved by having a common knowledge model that captures both clinical expertise and the older adults’ understanding of their life circumstances.



Target Group

GRaCE-AGE directly benefits older adults who have varying care needs but are living independently in the community. Sensor companies are also a target market, because their devices are part of the GRaCE-AGE infrastructure that links families, friends and practitioners. GRaCE-AGE also works with patient record companies and opens up new markets for them as well as the clinical services they are supporting.

Dr. Christopher Buckingham
| Reader | Aston University
MR Tony Davis
| Commercial Director | University Hospitals of Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust