Intelligent system to empower functional independence of people with mild cognitive impairments

INFINITy uses smartphones, GPS and other existing technologies to create a system that allows people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to leave their home without supervision. The project seeks to commercialise this innovation, which can actually slow cognitive deterioration as it supports those with MCI in enjoying greater independence.


An increasing number of older people are unable to live independently due to age-related cognitive impairments. This situation gives rise to a lower quality of life, greater burdens for family and caregivers and an increasing need for healthcare. An unobtrusive and easy to deploy system to support people with cognitive impairments in outdoor environments represents an important innovation in the field of ambient assisted living and disease prevention technology.

EIT Health Infinity


Universidad Politécnica de Madrid will coordinate the project and technical work. University of Grenoble will focus on business and technology transfer. Lodz Medical University will lead the ethical assessment and implementiaton of testbeds. Acondicionamiento Tarrasense and CST will work on preparation and implementation of testbeds. Academic partners UPV will lead training activities. The MySphera company will lead commercialisation activities.

The project

The INFINTy project is designed to bring to market an ICT solution that facilitates independent living for people with MCI, a condition that is more serious than the normal cognitive decline that comes with ageing but is less debilitating than dementia. By supporting cognitive function, the solution not only increases independence, but can also slow the progression of MCI.

INFINITy is based on the integration of mature technological ICT solutions into a product designed for commercialisation in the growing “silver market” of products and services for older people. INFINITy provides a solution that combines smartphone capabilities and near-field communication to automate a wide set of functions related to activities of daily living. Through the use of GPS tracking and Bluetooth low-energy technologies, the solution helps guide people with MCI and also triggers a set of contextualised messages that can help to preserve cognitive function.

INFINITy will serve to:

  • Safeguard independence and autonomy for people with MCI as they perform their daily routines.
  • Empower citizen engagement, social activity, self-confidence and security.
  • Preserve functional abilities, supporting a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.


INFINITy’s cost-effective solution for remote rehabilitation will have positive benefits for:

  • Elderly citizens with MCI, by helping them preserve their functional abilities, extend their autonomy and prolong their active participation in society.
  • The healthcare system and payers, by preventing institutionalisation and reducing care costs.
  • Society, by reducing the financial and personal costs of caring for people with MCI.
Why this is an EIT Health project

The INFINITy solution helps to forward the EIT Health key goal of supporting active ageing. It is also in keeping with the EIT Health Focus Areas of:

  • “Care Pathways”, as it improves quality of life for people with MCI.
  • “Bringing Care Home”, as it helps people with MCI to live independently at home.

External Partners

  • Fundació Joan Costa Roma (Consorci Sanitari de Terrassa – CST)
  • MySphera SL
Maria Fernanda Cabrera Umpierrez
| Associate Professor | Universidad Politecnica de Madrid