Wearable neuromodulation


The Neuro Wear project is designed to create a wearable neurotransmitter that uses transcranial current stimulation (TCS) to help patients suffering from neurological or psychiatric diseases, such as movement disorders, tinnitus, chronic pain or depression. The innovation can make it easier for these patients to get around by themselves, and to take care of themselves.

TCS technology involves delivering low-current electricity to a patient’s scalp. It is a noninvasive means of neuromodulation, or altering nerve activity through outside stimulation.

TCS has the potential to treat brain disorders that are currently untreatable or require invasive surgery. Lab-based studies show TCS can control tremor in movement disorder patients.
EIT Health Neuro Wear

A working prototype wearable neural stimulator using Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) is already available, and the first results in patients have been obtained. During this year and the near future, the Neuro Wear team is working to obtain a CE Mark as certification for the wearable neural stimulator and to conduct a larger scale clinical trial.

In the longer run, the project team is seeking to evaluate and refine TCS effectiveness in treating movement disorders in real-world environments and to prepare the therapy for transfer to market.

Prof Myles Mc Laughlin
| Professor | K.U. Leuven