Platform for advanced prescriptive health operational system, helping healthcare providers embrace the data-driven revolution


PAPHOS provides an end-to-end platform that combines patient-operated devices with Big Data solutions to transform data into clinical insights. PAPHOS offers patients and their doctors information to improve healthcare – especially preventative measures. The platform can be adapted easily to accommodate new technology, in order to support the digital transition of healthcare.


Health prediction and treatment today involve huge amounts of data from diverse sources. Healthcare actors have to be able to store, manage and analyse tons of information and data. PAPHOS, one of the first EIT Health-funded projects, was born to contribute to digital transformation in medicine by moving from prediction to prescription and assisting doctors in making decisions based on the existing medical information.


PAPHOS’ team is composed of several companies and universities making a perfect combination to facilitate technology transfer from the research lab to the market. Partners from Spain, France and Sweden mix expertise on technology, medical applications and patients’ daily care. Patients, doctors and innovators are able to work together towards the new medical services.

The project

PAPHOS is a modular and dynamic platform, integrating real-time data from sensors, clinical information from Hospital Information Systems and analytics. Patients are supported in self-managing their health and doctors are supported in anticipating medical problems, so they can prescribe preventative measures.

The platform covers the end-to-end needs of the analytics loop, from data acquisition with non-invasive devices to end-user visualisation, reporting and interaction.EIT Paphos

The platform is scalable, flexible and customisable, so it can continuously change along with changes and improvements in digital technology in healthcare. Already, the platform integrates leading European digital technologies, such as Atos analytcis and specific semantic interoperability services; Antari Telemedicine System; Vitalbeat system for chronic disease management; Cingulata Security Toolchain; and semantic, data and image analytics algorithms tested in real environments. However, PAPHOS can easily integrate new functionalities, services and components with hospital IT systems, and be adapted to customer needs and possibilities.


The main impact of the PAPHOS will be better prevention through more information:

  • For citizens, PAPHOS offers a new set of tools that will allow them to better understand their own medical condition, giving them more control of their own health.
  • For doctors, PAPHOS assists them in daily practice.

Because the system is adaptable, it will support the steady and continuous transition to digital ecosystems in healthcare in a sustainable way.

Why this is an EIT Health project

PAPHOS coincides with the following EIT Health Focus Areas:

  • “Healthcare Transformation”, by supporting a transition to digital care.
  • “Real-World Data”, by using Big Data.
  • “Bringing Care Home”, by giving patients medical testing devices.
  • “Behavioural Change”, by involving patients more in their own care.
Alicia García
| Director | ATOS Spain