Prediction medical device for rheumatoid arthritis

PREDIRA will validate a revolutionary online platform that analyses blood samples to let doctors determine how well various biotherapies for rheumatoid arthritis will work for each individual patient. Based on biomarkers, the test can prevent a patient from spending months on the wrong treatment.


Rheumatoid arthritis, a degenerative disease, involves chronic disabling pain, inflammation and stiffness. It is the most common inflammatory systemic autoimmune disease, affecting 33.4 million people worldwide. It typically affects people over 40 and the consequences are expected to increase over the next 10 years in Europe. PREDIRA validates an innovative solution to improve rheumatoid arthritis treatment by ranking the efficiency of biotherapies for each patient.


  • SERMAS integrates every public hospital and public health service of the Madrid Regional Public Health System.
  • IESE: The Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management (CRHIM) at IESE implements excellent research in innovation management in healthcare.
  • UGA- GREPI is a laboratory specialised in discovery of biomarkers of interest in rheumatology.
  • SINNOVIAL: Medtech Company develops innovative personalised-medicine devices for chronic inflammatory rheumatism management.

The project

SinnoTest® is a medical device allowing ranking of the efficacy of biotherapies for rheumatoid arthritis. From a simple blood sample, SinnoTest® is able to determine the likelihood of biotherapy treatment response, based on analysis of the patient’s specific protein biomarkers. SinnoTest® thus enables optimal biotherapy selection for 90% of all patients. The answer is given immediately, so no time is lost in unsuccessful trials of therapies that won’t work. This tool will disrupt the whole chain of treatment prescription in the rheumatology field. Because it uses classical, validated and routine biological analysis techniques, SinnoTest® is easily accessible to all practitioners in rheumatology in Europe and worldwide.

Robust and innovative proprietary algorithms for three biotherapies (Infliximab, Etanercept and Adalimumab) were generated, clinically validated and implemented in the first online SinnoTest® software version. This system will be used by hospital clinicians in 2019 as an investigational device in a feasibility assessment financed by SINNOVIAL. Three more algorithms will be clinically validated during the PREDIRA project.

The objective of the PREDIRA project is to confirm the performance of SinnoTest® on a new cohort of 200 patients in Spain, to facilitate distribution of this innovative predictive test throughout Europe as soon as possible. The project will also analyse European health systems in order to better integrate SinnoTest® into the patient care path.



If rheumatologists can immediately choose the right biotherapy for individual patients, it means improved quality of life for patients needing treatments, because no precious time is lost in unsuccessful biotherapy trial and fails, which can cause up to 18 months of wasted time. It also means big savings for payers, as unsuccessful biotherapies can cost €7 billion for the whole EU healthcare system.

Why this is an EIT Health project

This project is in keeping with the EIT Health Focus Area of “Improving Care Pathways”, because it promises faster, more accurate diagnoses that allow for personalised therapies. It is also in keeping with the overall EIT Health mission to improve healthcare for European citizens.

External Partners


Philippe Gaudin
| University | Grenoble Alpes